Secrets of a successful office romance

Secrets of a successful office romance
Secrets of a successful office romance

How to start and continue an office romance?

Secrets of a Successful Office Romance

If you are determined to mix work with pleasure, then listen to these rules of a successful office romance

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Date with equals. It is best if your chosen one is a man equal to you in official position. You should not meet with the boss, and even more so with a subordinate. You can lose your job, you can be sued. Finally, very unpleasant gossip will go around the office. If he is your boss, then people will say that you need something from him. Otherwise, they will doubt the purity of his intentions.

Keep complete secrecy. Only in this way can you minimize all the negative consequences of an office romance. Yes, yes, do as in famous Soviet films: do not come to work together, leave separately, meet away from the office. Don't be secretive with your work girlfriends, even the most trusted ones. And if your relationship has already exceeded 30 dates, this is still no reason to brag to the team.

Take a look at Human Resources. Some companies (especially Western ones) do not welcome romantic relationships between employees. Perhaps you just don't know about it. Visit Human Resources, or read your sample contract. This will help avoid major trouble.

Assess your endurance before embarking on an exciting swim on the waves of love. Can you stand it if your loved one is transferred to another city, sent on a long business trip or sent to study somewhere in England?

Have you already started an office romance and you are in a difficult situation? On our website you can ask your question to a psychologist.

Source:Marie Claire

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