Route - Irkutsk

Route - Irkutsk
Route - Irkutsk

Irkutsk is marked on the map near the legendary Lake Baikal. Let's go there!

Route - Irkutsk

Irkutsk is a little over 300 years old. The city is attractive for its history, architectural diversity, connecting past eras with the present. Irkutsk is marked on the map near the legendary Lake Baikal


• Many squares, squares, churches, ancient chapels make the city cozy and attractive. Each street of the center is filled with history. Today there are five bridges in Irkutsk - the most popular is the Angarsk bridge, which appeared in the city in 1936

• The Irkutsk Drama Theater is one of the oldest in the country. It is impossible not to recall the name of the famous playwright Alexander Vampilov. His plays "Elder Son", "Duck Hunt", "House with Windows in the Field" are staged on many Russian stages. The tourist bus route "Across Vampilov's Places" is very popular.

• The fate of the city is filled not only with pleasant historical moments. Irkutsk land was the land of exile, the history of the Decembrists is inextricably linked with the city. Museums were opened in the former houses of S. P. Trubetskoy and S. G. Volkonsky. Irkutsk has been hosting Decembrist evenings for more than ten years.

• The annual Winter Games are amateur competitions in all winter sports. It has become a tradition to cross Baikal: 3,000 people simultaneously cross the lake at its narrowest point, not far from Irkutsk.

• Fans of water walks will like trips on the river bus along the Angara. In winter, tube riding (a plastic pillow with which you move down the mountain) and country ski slopes will not leave you indifferent.

• Roerich Museum - famous traveler, explorer of Asia.

The winner of the October 2009 issue is Olga Baketova from Irkutsk. Congratulations!

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