What does age have to do with it?

What does age have to do with it?
What does age have to do with it?

Irina Khakamada reflects on the relationship between men and women.

What does age have to do with it?

Surely among your acquaintances there are middle-aged men who divorced wives of the same age and married 20-year-olds. But recently there has been another trend that seems to me more interesting

After all, a man also develops a menopause at a certain age, only, unlike the female menopause, it is concentrated in the head: a man wants to prove something to himself and others. Even if he has been henpecked all his life or sincerely loved his wife, there comes a moment when he understands: he has the last chance to get new energy and new life.

They've always done it, they just haven't been so open about it. In addition, there have never been so many glossy magazines that raise this topic before.

But there is another trend, which, in my opinion, is more interesting. Have you noticed how romance develops at breakneck speed between adult women and very young men? Moreover, these novels are not connected with the fact that the young man is a gigolo and uses the means or position of a woman. He just falls in love!

A classic example is Demi Moore. She is over forty, she looks great and does not experience any complexes about her own age. And she feels comfortable with a man who seems to be 15 years younger than her. In the gossip column, they discuss what kind of relationship Galkin and Pugacheva have. And whatever they are, these relationships, they are not spoken about with condemnation, but always with delight. And when the stars are not judged, they gradually cease to judge their neighbors.

10-15 years ago everything was different. My friend then ruined her entire personal life. She met a young man who fell in love with her and was ready to marry, but she was frightened by the age difference. And then she never found happiness … It turns out that complexes prevented her, which locked her in a tower of her own age. And women who are free from the complexes imposed by society feel differently. If a woman does not believe that before the age of 25 she is a fool, and after 25 she is an old woman, such a woman is free and can arrange her personal life at any age. After all, it carries a charge of energy and an independent view of the world, and this is the most important thing!

You might want to ask me, can I imagine a man next to me who is much younger than me? Yes! I can imagine it.

But it must be a truly crazy man - not just a carrier of sexual entertainment, but an intellectual with a pronounced masculine principle. It is these people who fall in love not with smooth skin, but with the energy and special world that a woman offers. They have their own world! I can imagine such a man next to me. True, I can’t imagine whether they exist in nature … But Lenny Refenstahl had an affair with such an intellectual, 30 years younger than her. He lived with her all his life, and at 104, Lenny died in his arms. How do you like this story?

Moreover, if a woman after 45 hopes to find a man of the same age who will become her companion in life, she is making a mistake. Nothing will come of it! At 45, a man is looking for evidence of his libido, and nothing more. At 35, it's a different matter, especially if he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone.

If a man is self-sufficient and strong, then he needs a creative union. Then age does not matter, the main thing is that a woman should be a person, even if uncomfortable, extravagant. This is my marriage! My husband and I are both completely crazy and we are both fine with it.

Probably now you want to ask me, what would I say if my son chose to marry a woman much older than himself, maybe my age? I will answer this way: I am a civilized and therefore completely abnormal mother. I treat everything like a Buddha, including the personal life of my children - the elder adopted and the younger native. I believe that children will go their own way, no matter how hard we try to influence them.

By the way, my son really married a woman older than him, though only five years older. And I didn't bother them. What for? They have love!

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