Kindness is not inherited

Kindness is not inherited
Kindness is not inherited

In vain we call a person polite by nature. Scientists have proven that genes do not play a role here.

Kindness is not hereditary

In vain we call some person generous by nature, and some hereditary redneck. Scientists have proven that genes do not play a role here, we absorb the kindness of others like donated blood

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Heredity does not concern such a wonderful human quality as altruism. Some people strive to help those in need, while others, on the contrary, count every penny. Sometimes this can be clearly seen in the example of two siblings.

Scientists from the University of California have found that a person is constantly learning from the society in which he lives. We absorb someone else's kindness to people, like donated blood, so that we ourselves become altruists. These studies are published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Scientists have studied different societies to understand how different their representatives are in terms of generosity, how they behave in certain life circumstances. And where the society was generally more prudent and tough, people were not very altruistic. In the same place where help to relatives, social work, charity are widely developed, a high percentage of generous people was also recorded.

Genes are proven to be irrelevant. Altruism, generosity and kindness of a person are the result of upbringing and communication with the outside world, and not genetics.

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