Man of the month - Ivan Okhlobystin

Man of the month - Ivan Okhlobystin
Man of the month - Ivan Okhlobystin

The film "House of the Sun" and the drama "King" will be released in November.

Man of the month - Ivan Okhlobystin

In November, the film "House of the Sun", based on the novel by Ivan Okhlobystin, and the historical drama "Tsar" by Pavel Lungin, in which Ivan played one of the main roles, are released

Domashniy Ochag: Ivan, in November you have two premieres at once. How do you choose the films you agree to do now?

Ivan Okhlobystin: First I read the scripts, if this is not obvious idiocy, then I find out how much I will be paid and when the shooting.

BEFORE: What matters to you when choosing a movie?

IO: The depth of the dramatic image and the personality of the director. Cinema is the art of directing. There are few good directors. Thank God, new names appear, such as, for example, Mikhail Segal (he made the movie "Franz and Polina"), and so on. But it’s very difficult for such people, they hardly make a producer compromise and sometimes stand idle for years without work. Unfortunately, most modern producers are amateurs, but with very big ambitions and fantastically greedy. How can it be together? I won't put my mind to it. But it is.

BEFORE: When did you write the hippie story that House of the Sun was based on? Was this before you became a priest, or after?

IO: Seven years before my ascension, I wrote the story "The House of the Rising Sun". All this time, Igor Ivanovich Sukachev fought for the possibility of its implementation. And won. I saw the finished "assembly". It's impressive. This has never happened before.

BEFORE: Do you feel that sun places certain creative limits on you? For example, are there topics that you would be interested in, but, on the other hand, they do not suit an Orthodox priest?

RO: Yes, of course. I had to give up pornography and the Black Cross series (films showing real murders). But I have never been popular with pornographers and murderers. Apparently not very pretty. Yes, and I'm not particularly interested. And all that is interesting, then to the face. I am an ordinary person.

BEFORE: You continue to act, but your spouse does not. What is it about?

IO: She doesn't want to. What for? A man should earn money.

BEFORE: What movies do you watch at home?

IO: We watch almost everything new. But good things are not enough now.

BEFORE: And your kids? Do you let them watch TV?

IO: Children watch old Soviet movies. Fantasy love. Ridley Scott, Tim Burton, there are a couple of other names. We have no problems with the TV - they just ignore it. The twenty-first century is an overabundance of information, they have plenty to choose from. Here, I remembered. They watched several episodes of Daddy's Girls.

BEFORE: What are you reading?

IO: I also try to read everything interesting - Elizarov, Grasse, Vasiliev. Children read Bulychev, Krapivin, Zelazny and someone else decent.

BEFORE: Have your kids read Harry Potter?

IO: Of course you did. They are generally very inquisitive.

BEFORE: Today we are witnessing a boom in various "mystical" topics: psychics, healers, mediums enjoy unheard of popularity. How do you feel about this?

IO: And this "boom" never subsided. People are looking for a miracle, and they make money. The whole history of mankind. The Church is trying to protect these naive people, but she cannot act violently. The main thing is not to forget that there are no trifles in spiritual matters. Even if you went to a fortune-teller, you signed a pact with the devil and got out of the parental care of God. This is extremely dangerous. This is the beginning of the end.

TO: Not all phenomena in life parents can explain to their child - he does not trust some explanations, he wants to check himself. What do you think is more correct - to give the opportunity to fill your bumps or to keep from danger with all your might?

IO: I think we should hold on as long as we have the strength. Children need training, something meaningful can be brought up, and if there is no mind yet, why take the risk?

TO: Where do your kids go to school?

IO: At an Orthodox gymnasium. There is a marvelous teaching staff and the level of knowledge that children are given is significantly higher than the average.

BEFORE: Do you punish children?

IO: Punish. Sometimes I even flog. For betrayal and meanness. This needs to be thwarted at the very beginning. Otherwise, they will live a miserable life.

BEFORE: How important is your family's material well-being to you?

IO: Very important, but far more important is the spiritual climate. It happened that, apart from pasta, there was nothing to eat, but we were happy because we were together. But, of course, I want my children to eat fruits, swim in the sea, wear quality clothes, have the opportunity to study in different circles, and so on. So far, we cannot afford only housing. It's unrealistic. We can handle everything else.

BEFORE: Have you met people who are honest and rich at the same time?

IO: I know quite a few people like that. I have a friend - Rashid Sardarov, he is a man as rich as he is wise, and wisdom is a synonym for honesty. His children least of all resemble the children of a billionaire, open, smart, not arrogant guys. Rashid has a good family.

BEFORE: Often people who live a rich spiritual life turn out to be quite difficult in everyday life. Are you involved in household chores? Helping your wife around the house?

IO: I always try to wash the dishes myself. Sometimes I cook, but rarely. I do not know how. I go to the laundry for linen, I take out the garbage, I recharge mobile phones for everyone. I am an electrician in the family.

BEFORE: Are there things in your family that dad traditionally does?

FI: I go to parent-teacher meetings.

BEFORE: You have often said in interviews that you have always been a rebel. Do you notice this trait in your children now?

IO: When I was growing up, there was something to rebel against, and now against what? Snickers ads? And within the family, rebellion is unacceptable, the family is a monarchy. Power is from God.

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