Completeness does not interfere with being fashionable

Completeness does not interfere with being fashionable
Completeness does not interfere with being fashionable

A woman of any size can be fashionable. The main thing is self-confidence.

Fullness does not interfere with being fashionable!

Ashley Falcon believes that a woman of any size and volume can be a fashionista. The main thing is to maintain confidence in yourself

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Several years ago, Ashley, always fond of fashion, won an invitation to meet Marc Jacobs himself, one of the world's most famous couturiers. At first, the girl was delighted, but then she was horrified. What should she wear if she's walking the streets in boyfriend jeans and a blazer that's a couple sizes too big?

She stood in front of her wardrobe and realized that she had almost no time to choose and combine. You need to make the right decision as soon as possible. Alas, all her outfits were so inappropriate that she, out of desperation, did not go to meet Jacobs at all, crying all evening on the couch.

All her life she struggled unsuccessfully with being overweight. Now lost in terms of clothing? No, Ashley decided to at least win here. Prove to yourself that you can be fashionable and stylish even with such a non-model physique. Falcon realized that certain types of clothing (skinny dresses, bikinis, miniskirts) would not suit her, but she could buy designer clothes in a cut that would suit any woman.

The most difficult task was finding the right jeans. This is not easy to do even for girls who are half as big as Ashley, let alone Falcon herself. She soon became convinced that most denim trousers designed for ladies of her size served one single purpose - to hide excess weight. At the same time, no one thinks about style. And yet, Ashley picked up quite stylish jeans for herself, in which she feels confident and sexy.

"This is my main principle when working with clients of my proportions," says Falcon. - First of all, you yourself should feel self-confidence, your own attractiveness in the clothes that you choose. Its compliance with fashion is also important, but secondary. Fashion comes and goes, but style always remains. I help people find their own style, which then stays with them for life!”.

Source:Marie Claire

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