Autumn Insomnia

Autumn Insomnia
Autumn Insomnia

"Autumn Insomnia with Andrei Bocharik and friends" in Foresta hotels near Moscow.

Autumn Insomnia

Domashniy Ochag magazine acts as an information partner of the Autumn Insomnia with Andrey Bocharik and Friends project in Foresta hotels near Moscow. Only 4 concerts

Out-of-town resort hotels ForestaHotels present a new project - "Autumn Insomnia with Bocharik and his friends" from October 17 to November 7, 2009.

The event is a series of 4 Saturday night parties featuring midnight performances by the O.S.P. Studio and 33 Square Meters star Bocharik (Andrey Bocharov) and his no less famous friends, whose names are still kept secret

These unusual performances will start promptly at midnight,where party guests will see both the already beloved "Sonny" and many new images, sketches and miniatures.

The parties will be complemented by an animated and erotic show, a non-stop disco with no limits in musical format from ForestaDanceclub residents, as well as a competitive program with auctions and drawings of prizes and gifts from the presenter.

For those who do not want to leave the hospitable atmosphere of hotels, a special rate has been developed for accommodation, which includes a morning breakfast.

Please note that there will be only 4 concerts!!

Hurry up to get tickets! Ticket price - 1000 rubles.

Concert Schedule:

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