Thermage will help beat time

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Thermage will help beat time
Thermage will help beat time

One of the best anti-aging hardware techniques.

Thermage will help you beat time

For the sake of preserving beautiful and young skin, women are ready for anything, even go under the knife of a plastic surgeon. However, there is no need to rush - radical measures can be left for later.

Delay the appearance of signs of premature aging with the best hardware techniques.

Thermage is the only non-injection treatment that aims to achieve lifting, firming, and tissue tightening

As a result the contour of the face becomes clearer and the skin firmer.

Maximum lifting effect appears within six months after the procedure and lasts 3-5 years, depending on the condition of the patient's skin.

The advantage of Thermage is that it can be used to correct, tighten and improve any part of the body.

Thermage is indicated for those who have begun to notice signs of premature skin aging: discoloration of the face, deepening of the nasolabial folds, drooping corners of the mouth, dry skin, a network of superficial wrinkles.

In the presence of such signs Thermage can be an initial procedure, the powerful effect of which is best to fix later with mesotherapy and other techniques.

Number of treatments: Once every 5 years or once a year, depending on the skin.

Recommended age: Since the main function of Thermage is fibroblast stimulation, the optimal age of the patient is 35-60 years. After the age of 60, this procedure is scientifically inappropriate.

Pain level: depends on individual skin sensitivity. Thermage is performed without anesthesia, since the strength and power of thermal exposure are regulated by determining the pain sensations of the patient at the time of the procedure.

Contraindications:systemic diseases of the connective tissue, somatic diseases, chronic diseases in which a person receives permanent treatment or is registered with a specialist, pregnancy, feeding, oncology.

Rehabilitation period: usually absent.

Cost of the procedure: depends on the number of pulses. On average 115 thousand rubles.

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