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Shape formula
Shape formula

12 participants of the "Formula Form" project are already at the finish line.

Form formula

The Form Formula project is nearing completion. Recall, starting from June 8, 12 of its participants, 9 brave women and three brave men, using a modern highly effective drug under the close attention of psychologists from the Psychological Center on Pyatnitskaya and doctors from the Family Doctor polyclinic network with the support of the Domashny Ochag magazine, losing weight online in front of a multi-million Internet audience

On October 7 and 12, Formula Forma participants underwent another scheduled medical examination, the results of which exceeded the wildest expectations. On average, over the course of the project, each of its participants lost 12 kilograms of excess weight.

The record holder today is Oksana Zolina (29 years old). Her result is minus 25 kilograms! Followed by Dmitry Golubenko (39 years old) and Ivan Zhilin (25 years old), their losses are 22 and 16 kilograms respectively.

However, weight loss is not the only result. Thanks to the project, many participants took a fresh look at themselves, at the world around them, and some of them discovered hidden talents. Here's what the characters themselves say.

Kalmykova Natalia (53 years old): "I'm different now! Since the beginning of the project lost 10 kg. I pulled myself up, pulled myself together, my back straightened, the oval of my face became clearer. In addition to all the changes, a burning desire to write woke up in me. What will come of it, I don’t know, but I can’t stop …"

Sokirko Liliya (26 years old): « I lost 11 kg - even if it's not even half of what I wanted to lose but I'm very happy with the result. Feeling consistently good. I don't feel any discomfort at all. The mood is the most positive. I FEEL GOOD!!!"

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