"He alth Day"

"He alth Day"
"He alth Day"

Holiday for children with disabilities as part of the Family sports program.

"He alth Day"

September 6, on City Day, as part of the Year of Equal Opportunities, the Ronald McDonald House Charitable Foundation, together with McDonald's, held a traditional sports family holiday "He alth Day" on Poklonnaya Gora, which was held as part of a sports family tour "Family"

On Sunday, in the open area of the Ronald McDonald House Charitable Foundation,everyone could play table tennis, badminton, football, children's basketball, mini-volleyball, pioneer ball, mini-golf, darts and ring toss, learned to play lacrosse, gowing and floorball, which are exotic for Russia.450 children of different age categories took part in the track and field run, the first children who came to the finish line received valuable prizes from the Ronald McDonald House Foundation and the partner of the campaign - Tefal.

In addition to the general run, on He alth Day there was a run for children with disabilities, coached by the magic clown Ronald McDonald. The run consisted of two stages: the first - a run of 12 children with cerebral palsy, students of a special correctional general education boarding school No. 44, and the second - a run of 18 children, students of a special correctional boarding school No. 8 for orphans and children left without care of parents from orphanages and boarding schools.

The winners of the race among children with cerebral palsy are:

1st place - Ivan Shashkov

2nd place - Vladislav Zaitsev

3rd place - Polina Mokhova

Sergey Shokhirev became the winner of the run among children from a boarding school for orphans.

All winners received medals, diplomas, prizes from Tefal, the rest of the runners received incentive prizes.

On He alth Day, they put on uniforms and held master classes by stars of sports, cinema, television and show business: singer Vlad Topalov, football player Oleg Kornaukhov, actress Anastasia Tsvetaeva, Amega group, TV presenter Olga Maiskaya, singer Oksana Pochepa, showman Roman Tretyakov.

Football player Oleg Kornaukhov, winner of the Russian Cup, silver and bronze medalist of the Russian Championship with CSKA, shared his emotions from the celebration: a holiday for children - what could be better? And the fact that, along with ordinary children, children with disabilities can participate in this event is generally great.”

Actress Anastasia Tsvetaeva and editor-in-chief of the Children.Ru magazine rarely attend City Day events, but this time, having learned that the event was charitable, she decided to take part in it and brought her four-year-old son Kuzma with her: “I I believe that children should smile, and if my autograph made one of them happier, then I am very happy.

Former member of Dom-2, now a family man and caring father Roman Tretyakov, is not the first time supporting the initiative of the Ronald McDonald House Charitable Foundation. On this day, Roman set records for throwing darts at the darts site: “I was very happy to take part in the action. An excellent concept for the event is the active promotion of sports and an active lifestyle.”

Vlad Topalov spent a record time on the court and visited almost all zones - there were many fans to fight the singer in table tennis, darts, basketball. “I love children and for me meeting with them is always a great holiday. We had a great time with the guys at the site organized by the Ronald McDonald House Foundation,” the singer shared. Vlad is a frequent visitor to the Ronald McDonald Center, he loves to come to the Center to play with the children during classes.

Amega Group - Maxim Volkov and Oleg Dobrynin - are always happy to take part in charitable events: The Ronald McDonald House Foundation has long become the standard of charity throughout the world.It's great that in the Year of Equal Opportunities, this event drew public attention to children with disabilities!”.

The stars held more than one master class with the guys and, as you go, got a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day.

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