Thinking positive is bad for your he alth

Thinking positive is bad for your he alth
Thinking positive is bad for your he alth

Is positive thinking as good for he alth as we have been taught?

Thinking positively… is bad for your he alth!

Think only about the good and everything will be fine - this is the rule we hear from childhood. But is positive thinking good for he alth?

American Barbara

On the “optimistic” wave, all these financial pyramids were built, now they collapsed with a bang. On an “optimistic” wave, banks distributed mortgage and consumer loans to everyone in a row - even to those who definitely could never repay them. And it was worth some “pessimist” who shouted: “Stop! What are you doing?!" as he was immediately pushed aside as a person spreading "darkness".

There is another proverb - if you think about the bad, then the bad will find you. Blindly following this absurd rule has led most Americans to stop caring about their own he alth. Why, for example, should women examine the mammary glands every week for any suspicious nodules? As a result, there was a surge in the incidence of breast cancer, which, in terms of the number of cases, came out in first place among all tumors in the United States.

Barbara Echenreich is a breast cancer survivor herself. Since then, she has been much more attentive to her own he alth and encourages other women to follow her example. “No one is saying that we all need to expect some kind of illness every day, these are extremes,” says Barbara. - But let's stop believing in positive thinking fairy tales and become realists. Still, we do not live in the world of children's films, no matter how sad it may seem to someone. This is a life where everything is possible.”

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