Drug testing in schools

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Drug testing in schools
Drug testing in schools

Should schoolchildren be required to test for drugs or not? Opinions of readers and experts.

Drug testing in schools

In Russia, it is planned to introduce testing of children for drugs as part of the annual clinical examination. Recall that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev suggested testing schoolchildren for addiction to drugs, stressing that drug addiction poses a threat to the national security of the country. Visitors to our site took part in the discussion of this important issue, and experts expressed their opinion

Testing required

This is the opinion of 51% of our website visitors who took part in the voting. Most experts agree with them. Last week, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation Gennady Onishchenko defended this initiative. He believes that tests are primarily needed in order to detect drug addiction in the earliest stages, when doctors can still help the child. In the early stages, everything can still be corrected, in this matter, the main thing is not to waste time. “It needs to be done. And there is no violation of human rights in this, although supporters of the international drug mafia have been and are actively imposing this topic on us,” Gennady Onishchenko said in an interview last week.

And last Friday, October 16, Director of the Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Ivanov at a meeting of the State Anti-Drug Committee said that preventive testing of schoolchildren as part of the annual medical examination is carried out in order to inform the parents of a minor as his authorized representatives,without registration or making this information public. “I think that all of us, as parents, are interested in knowing whether the child is he althy or sick and what is sick,” he said.

We need to catch those who sell drugs

This is the opinion of 36% of visitors to the Domashny Ochag website. And it's hard to argue with that, because according to official data from the Federal Drug Control Service, there are up to 2.5 million drug addicts in Russia. Drugs claim the lives of 30,000 Russian citizens every year. According to the Federal Drug Control Service, Russia has become the world leader in the use of Afghan heroin, and this should not be ignored by law enforcement agencies.

Parental consent required

19.5% of our readers agree that a child should not be tested for drug use without parental consent

Perhaps someone thinks that this analysis is complicated, however, you can establish the fact of drug use by urine analysis. Currently, kits for the diagnosis of the most common drugs can be freely purchased at many pharmacies and analyzed at home

“If parents, doctors or teachers have doubts related to a change in the behavior of the child, or due to the fact that things and money from home are missing, then it is worth conducting an examination "- so says the chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko.

He also says that when appointing such examinations it will be important to protect the rights of the child, for which it is necessary to clearly state in the law: “under what indications are tests carried out, under what conditions where, by whom.”

We are afraid of corruption

About 4% of our readers believe that such research can create prerequisites for corruption

One of the veterans of the human rights community, the leader of the movement "For Human Rights" Lev Ponomarev, during the discussion of the bill, said that drug testing, as a mandatory point of medical examination, without the consent of children and parents would be a violation of human rights. However, the draft law does not talk about compulsory examination, and that it is necessary to prepare a serious legislative base is precisely what is being discussed when discussing this issue.

“We are already examining all children for tuberculosis, and we do not see this as a violation of their rights. When our children are put on the needle through tricks and intimidation, certainly no one thinks about protecting their rights”, - said the head of Rospotrebnadzor. G. Onishchenko.

By the way, in China from January 1, 2010, public order authorities can forcibly test citizens for drug use. The Minister of Public Security of the People's Republic of China signed the corresponding regulation last week. In the UK, however, there are no general examinations of schoolchildren, although some positions require that those who hold them pass such tests.

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