Hardware methods of rejuvenation

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Hardware methods of rejuvenation
Hardware methods of rejuvenation

Hardware skin rejuvenation techniques will help you beat time.

Hardware methods of rejuvenation

For the sake of preserving beautiful and young skin, women are ready for anything, even go under the knife of a plastic surgeon. However, there is no need to rush - radical measures can be left for later. The best hardware techniques will help delay the appearance of signs of premature aging

Analogue of the Simonine procedure, where electroridopuncture affects the relaxed muscles of the facial contour and wrinkles.

ATS-1 is a kind of microthermage that works at the level of the epidermis: during the procedure, instant heating occurs and, as a result, smoothing fine wrinkles and reducing deep ones. This procedure is often combined with masks - collagen, sublimated algae or chitosan, which make the result more noticeable. After it, women note an improvement in skin color, a decrease in the number of wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté line. The oval of the face and the skin of the eyelids are also noticeably tightened, the pores are narrowed, the network of superficial wrinkles and nasolabial folds disappears. Due to the fact that the electric current affects the capillary walls, microcirculation is established, and as a result, dark circles under the eyes stop bothering you.

The ATS-1 procedure is recommended for younger women so that they can delay intensive procedures such as Thermage in the future. Number of treatments: 2-3 per week for 1 month, then as needed

Recommended age: 25+ if showing signs of premature aging

Pain level: the procedure is performed without anesthesia, so that the doctor, focusing on the patient's condition, can adjust the level of exposure.

Contraindications: none

Rehabilitation period: no

Cost of the procedure: face and neck - approximately 4.5 thousand rubles, depending on the condition of the skin.

MARKON THERAPY: no more stretch marks!

The newest unique method of stretch mark regeneration - marconi therapy is aimed at a single solution to all aesthetic skin defects.

Principle of action: the deep layers of the skin are warmed up with the help of a magnetic field created by radio frequency currents. Such warming helps to increase cell divisions and the production of new full-fledged collagen, which fills the stretch, lifting it to the level of the skin.

After several sessions, the stretch becomes tanned, and patients are strongly advised to visit the solarium. Stretching gradually becomes invisible, compared with the level of the skin and does not differ in color from he althy areas. The course of procedures is determined individually.

Pain level: none

Treatment time: 30-40 minutes

Cost of the procedure: about 3 thousand rubles/1 zone

Average number of treatments: 15-20 treatments, 2-3 times a week

Contraindications: dermatitis, tuberculosis, infectious diseases, diabetes mellitus

Rehabilitation period: no.


Principle of action: laser effect on the skin.

Number of treatments: 5 treatments with a minimum interval of 3 weeks.

Recommended age: as an anti-aging procedure, can be performed on patients from 30 to 70 years old, in the case of scar treatment, Fraxel can be used without focusing on age.

Pain level: The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Contraindications: common infectious diseases, high blood pressure, the presence of acute inflammatory reactions on the skin.

Rehabilitation period: 2-3 days. Severe swelling and severe redness.

Cost of the procedure: face, neck, decollete - 42 thousand rubles.

MARKON THERAPY: high breasts without surgery

The axiom "high toned breasts=surgery" is outdated.

Marconi Therapy tones, shapes and lifts breasts in one session through the combined use of specially formulated cosmetics and radiofrequency.

During the procedure, the deep layers of the skin are heated using a magnetic field, due to which the stretch marks of the breast skin disappear. An increase in temperature inside the tissues by 2-3 degrees leads to an increase in cell divisions and the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which are responsible for such qualities as firmness and elasticity.

After the procedure, the breast becomes elastic and dense, saturated with moisture. The wrinkles of the neckline are smoothed, the color and tone of the skin improves.

Pain level: none

Cost of the procedure: about 4 thousand rubles/1 zone

Average number of treatments: 6-15 treatments, twice a week

Contraindications: dermatitis during exacerbations, tuberculosis, infectious diseases, lymphocytic leukemia

Rehabilitation period: no

Comprehensive hand skin rejuvenation program

Hands give out a woman's age, so you need to take care of them carefully and regularly. But, if one day the creams stopped helping, this is not a reason to be upset. A comprehensive program of hand rejuvenation using high-tech methods of light and radio wave rejuvenation corrects the aesthetic imperfections of the skin of the hands. The correction scheme is selected individually for each patient.

For example, to address signs of sun damage and aging, light therapy regimens are offered in combination with unique chemical peels designed specifically to address hand skin concerns. The technique allows for a short time not only to significantly reduce or completely eliminate pigmentation, but also to increase skin elasticity.

To eliminate wrinkling, reduced elasticity and superficial veins, complex rejuvenation procedures using hardware and injection techniques have also been developed and successfully applied. At the same time, the choice of a correction scheme is determined individually, depending on the predominance of one or another aesthetic defect. Pain level: missing

Treatment duration: 1 hour

Cost of the procedure:about 8.5 thousand rubles

Average number of treatments: 2-4 treatments, once every 3-4 weeks

Contraindications:Dermatitis during exacerbations

Rehabilitation period: no

Hardware rejuvenation techniques - expert comments.

For the sake of preserving beautiful and young skin, women are ready for anything, even go under the knife of a plastic surgeon. However, there is no need to rush - radical measures can be left for later. The best hardware techniques will help delay the appearance of signs of premature aging.

Q: How can a woman not make a mistake in choosing a doctor and how to understand which procedure she needs?

A: First of all, you need to pay attention to the status of the institution itself, to how many years it has existed. This is a guarantee that all employees of this center are qualified specialists with extensive experience. As for the procedures, only the doctor, after listening to the patient's complaints, can determine what is needed to solve the problem for a particular person.

Q: Can you guarantee a good result for the patient?

A: In all the articles by Western doctors regarding physiotherapy procedures, it is written that the effect depends on the individual abilities of the body. I am of the same opinion. With so many techniques available, the doctor can use this arsenal to create an individual treatment plan for each individual patient.

Q: What preventive anti-aging measures would you recommend?

A: To date, mesotherapy is one of the most effective therapeutic methods. It is ideal for young women who work hard, get very tired, smoke. This procedure gives excellent results without leaving marks. Immediately after mesotherapy, freshness and lightness appear in the face, but in full it bears fruit in a few days - since we introduce certain drugs into the skin, we have to wait a bit for them to appear. Mesotherapy cocktails are complexes of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, biologically active substances, nucleic acids that affect the renewal of skin cells. With the help of mesotherapy, scars, stretch marks, cellulite can also be treated.

Q: Do you believe in powerful anti-aging creams?

A: Of course, the skin needs a cream and in no case should it be discounted. The task of the cream is to moisturize the skin during the day and nourish it in the evening. It provides moisture to the surface layer of the skin, thanks to which the epidermis does not draw water from the underlying tissues. The cream is a protection of the skin from environmental influences: dust, sun. But, to be honest, what the devices and hands of a doctor can do, the cream is not capable of doing. It will not smooth out a large laid-down wrinkle, so you should not place high hopes on it.

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