How to turn a layoff into a holiday?

How to turn a layoff into a holiday?
How to turn a layoff into a holiday?

Did you get fired? Consider it a cause for joy and the happiest event in your life.

How to turn a layoff into a holiday?

Did you get fired? Consider it a cause for joy and the happiest event in your life

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Carefully study the documents that the employer is now asking you to sign. They need to be read much more diligently than the employment contract that you signed when applying for a job. Pay close attention to the reason for terminating the contract. You will be satisfied with "your own desire", "agreement of the parties" and "downsizing". The last option does not sound very encouraging (it turns out you are not the most valuable employee if you were donated), but it guarantees the most generous compensation. The reason for terminating the contract is very important for your future employers.

And now, actually, about compensation. This is the very pill that should sweeten the moment of dismissal. Once again, study the employment contract - it should contain the conditions for its termination. Don't forget to claim compensation for unused vacation and overtime. As a rule, in the case of an “agreement of the parties”, two months are compensated, in the case of a “downsizing” - three months (plus one more month if, after dismissal, you cannot find a job within 30 days using the labor exchange). Feel free to register on the labor exchange. It sounds a little scary, but it's a good additional source of money (even if only a few thousand rubles a month), as well as a way to find a new job. Do not think that only low-skilled workers are helped there - there are bankers, lawyers, economists, and managers at our labor exchanges.

Enjoy your free time. Remember how often your lunch break took 10-15 minutes, how rarely did you find time to be with your parents or friends. There is a precious pause in your life right now. Rest assured, it will not last long, so seize the moment. Walk more, communicate, catch up.

Slowly start looking for a new job. The most effective way is to contact your friends and acquaintances, tell them that you are free now and look for a new place. In interviews, don't talk too much about your last job, consider meeting a potential employer as a first date.

Don't be afraid to be sad. Dismissal from work, scrapping the usual life schedule can be very devastating. It is not so easy to survive, and you should not push negative emotions into yourself. If you want to grieve and grieve a little - do it. Feel unhappy, but just don't get carried away by these feelings, otherwise they will drag you into depression.

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