Is "swine flu" terrible?

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Is "swine flu" terrible?
Is "swine flu" terrible?

The World He alth Organization (WHO) warns that a pandemic of "swine flu" is approaching, a threat almost of a planetary scale. But is the “new flu” as scary as it is presented?

Is swine flu bad?

An epidemic of any flu can be dangerous. Every year, up to 10 million people get sick on the planet, about half a million die. In Russia alone, thousands of people die every year from post-influenza complications.

Meanwhile, many doctors say that in this case, it is not the disease itself that is worse, but the panic. And media reports about the spread of "swine flu" look frankly panicky. Gloomy forecasts, stories of millions of cases and dozens of deaths from the terrible A (H1N1) virus. And in continuation of the story - a worldwide competition under the motto "who will be the first to bring a life-saving vaccine to the market."

Relatively recently, the main stories were outbreaks of "mad cow disease", then "SARS" and "bird flu". Reports were broadcast about the extermination of wild and domestic birds, reminiscent of fantastic thrillers, where fearless heroes fight against mutant viruses. At that time, the prospects for the spread of a terrible disease were drawn as the most frightening, and vaccines were also being actively developed around the world. So what? All "horror films" remained on the websites and pages of newspapers.

Now a number of experts call a strain of the influenza A (H1N1) virus the cause of the flu pandemic that occurred in 1918-1919 - the so-called "Spanish flu" that killed 50 million people. However, many scientists still cannot say with certainty that the Spanish flu pandemic is caused by a swine, and not a human virus. According to them, virus A (H1N1) was isolated much later - in 1931.

Who benefits from this panic? According to a virologist, MD, who asked not to be named, mainly to large pharmaceutical companies that have received huge orders from governments many countries to supply the vaccine. And also the owners of large pharmacy chains. And those who take advantage of the situation to solve practical problems in the food (pork export ban) and tourism (strict recommendations not to travel to certain countries) markets.

Swine Flu Prevention

Influenza viruses multiply freely and at a tremendous rate. That is why the malaise occurs suddenly: having caught the flu virus in the evening, in the morning you can leave the house still “he althy”, and by lunchtime you will already fall down with a temperature of 40 °. Once in the blood, the virus spreads throughout the body, and the process is repeated in the cells of all organs. In addition, the flu virus damages the blood vessels themselves, causing hemorrhages.

Complicated situation. Fever, throbbing headache, runny nose, cough, general weakness are typical and habitual signs of a "cold" that attacks us several times a year. But a persistent runny nose, a cough that doesn't go away for weeks, and weakness in the legs can be symptoms of swine flu and more serious diseases that doctors classify as a secondary bacterial infection, or, more simply, complications after SARS or swine flu in children and adults.

Swine flu treatment

How to prevent complications. The first attack of the influenza virus is on the respiratory tract, which is why bronchitis and pneumonia are the most common influenza complications. With an unfavorable course of the disease, pneumonia can develop already in its first hours. Therefore, it is important to follow 3 main rules:

1. Immediately call a doctor and be treated strictly under his supervision.

2. To lie down. To restore strength, you need the same number of days as the temperature was, plus a couple more days. With the flu, the body throws all its forces into the fight against the virus. And even minimal activity requires energy consumption, any external contact is fraught with the possibility of catching a new infection, which the body will no longer have enough strength to fight.

3. Minimize contacts: this is necessary not only for others, but also for the sick person with the flu.

Signs of swine flu

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