When pregnancy problems return

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When pregnancy problems return
When pregnancy problems return

A woman's he alth during pregnancy is the litmus test of her he alth in the future.

When Pregnancy Problems Return

A woman's he alth during pregnancy can be considered a litmus test of her future he alth

After analyzing the he alth status of 780,000 pregnant women, Danish experts found that expectant mothers with high blood pressure were 3.6 to 6 times more likely to develop hypertension in the future (average follow-up was 15 years).

Elevated blood glucose levels during pregnancy were also worrisome. Canadian scientists, examining 75 thousand women, found that even a slight deviation from the norm in blood sugar levels increased the risk of developing diabetes in the future by 2.5 times.

Make sure your he althcare provider knows about pregnancy problems, experts advise. In case you are at risk, you need to monitor your blood pressure and check your blood sugar levels regularly. And also keep your body weight under control and move more - walk, run, swim.

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