You can be beautiful at any age

You can be beautiful at any age
You can be beautiful at any age

Tatyana Lyutaeva: “I am 44 years old. I never hide my age and do not think that it should be done”

You can be beautiful at any age

Tatyana Lyutaeva: “I am 44 years old. I never hide my age and do not think that it should be done. I feel sorry for women who get plastic surgery to look younger”

Agniya Ditkovskite is a young beautiful actress who became popular after her bright debut in the film "Heat".

Agniya is the daughter of Tatyana Lyutaeva, theater and film actress, whom the audience loved and remembered in the film "Midshipmen" (Tatyana played the role of Anastasia Yaguzhinskaya). They are easy to shoot because they do not need to depict the closeness of mother and daughter in the frame: even when they stand with their backs to each other, it is clear that mother and daughter are one.

Domashniy Ochag: Tatyana, tell me, who is more difficult to be - a beauty or a mother of a beautiful daughter?

Tatyana Lyutaeva: I would say that it is not at all difficult and equally pleasant. A beautiful daughter is a great joy, and if a daughter surpasses her mother in beauty, this is generally happiness.

BEFORE: Many stars say that they were ugly ducklings as children, and then grew into beautiful swans. Did Agnia have it?

TL: Agnia has always been beautiful, as probably any mother sees. As a child, she took with curls, charm and spontaneity, in adolescence - with plump cheeks, a sly burning look and artistic temperament. And now she has become a woman, and it is really impossible to take your eyes off her.

BEFORE: Agnia had a period of youthful radicalism - black nails, shaved head, tattoos?

Agniya Ditkovskite: (laughs) I have black nails now! No, there was no radicalism. Maximum - rapper pants, white boots…

TL: There were big hoops in my ears, a bouffant on my head… I was horrified. Now we laugh at this case, because everything fell into place. My daughter has a well-established taste, attitude to fashion, her own opinion. And everything suits me…

BEFORE: You give the impression of a harmonious mother-daughter pair. Have there been periods of alienation?

HELL: No, because my parents gave me the most important thing - freedom, they never infringed on me.

TL: We separated from Agnia's dad when she was 5 years old, and, accordingly, lived apart. Agne could choose the location. If a conflict was brewing, she quickly ran from me to dad, and vice versa. Yes, of course, Grandma always waited and pampered.

HELL: But my mother always knows everything about me, down to the smallest detail. There were moments when I tried to hide something, but then my mother found out anyway - I told her myself. You know, it happens that mothers say: “I know everything about my daughter!” But my mom really knows everything about me, more than my closest friends.

BEFORE: Agnia, who is your mother?

HELL: Hard to say in one word. This is a man who will never betray me. It is very important. A friend can betray too, can't she? Maybe the sisters have such a close relationship, and I'm not sure. I believe that my mother and I have the ideal relationship that a mother and daughter can have.

BEFORE: An important topic will be discussed in our issue - mother and daughter talk about sex. Tatyana, did you talk to Agnia about this?

TL: Yes, of course. I started to enlighten her early enough on various topics, not only about sex. After all, it’s not the most important thing to tell your daughter how everything happens, and this is useless. It is necessary to instill and nurture the right attitude towards the opposite sex. I think I succeeded. Ange is an economic, domestic girl, while she is burning and there is something to talk with her about. I think her future husband will be very lucky.

HELL: In Lithuania and at school, this is given considerable attention. Girls and boys are separately explained how to use hygiene items, and this is not vulgar, it does not make children laugh.

TL: In my childhood, children learned about sex from acquaintances, at school. They were drawn to the unknown, it is inevitable. Therefore, in order to exclude unhe althy interest, we must tell everything ourselves, not make a secret out of it. This applies not only to sex, but to everything else - cigarettes, booze. My daughter does not smoke, but when she was at school, I saw that she had an interest in this, and I told her: “Come on, smoke in front of me.”

HELL: As I remember now: we were 15 years old, we go with our friend Vika, walk with the dog, and she says: “Your mother is such a good, let's tell her that we smoke, drink, she will not scold? I say, "Come on." They came to my house, and Vika said: “Aunt Tanya, do you know if we smoke?” And although I saw that my mother was a little upset, she allowed me to smoke on the balcony sometimes, realizing that otherwise we would smoke on the street.

BEFORE: Tatyana, did your parents raise you differently?

TL: The main thing I took away from my childhood is that a husband and wife cannot live together for the sake of a child if they do not love each other. My parents lived with each other so that the girl had a father and mother nearby. But dad and mom are already there, regardless of whether they are near or not, but if they do not love each other at the same time, then the child feels all this, understands everything. In addition, I always communicated with Agnia and with Dominik, the youngest son, on an equal footing. I am sure that you can’t lisp with children, you have to be very frank with them. You cannot impose your opinion. Yes, I always express it, I speak frankly if I don’t like something, but I don’t insist that the child do what I think is right.

BEFORE: Many actor parents say they don't want their kids to become artists…

TL: As for my son, yes, I would like him to do something else. But I don’t really worry: since childhood, he doesn’t like to perform, sing. He likes to draw. And Agnes always liked it. She has always been creative. She spent days and nights with me at rehearsals, filming, and started filming early. When she starred with Mirzoev at the age of 15 in “Signs of Love”, she came home and said: “I want to be an actress.”

BEFORE: Agnia, you studied at VGIK, but left without finishing. Why?

HELL: I acted during my studies, it was not welcome. It wasn't a very friendly environment. They could put a person in the middle of the audience and say - that's how badly he does, look at everything … When I felt that I had to leave, I left. I live by intuition: if I wanted to do it, then that's the way it should be. I will definitely study further, and I am learning.

BEFORE: Tatyana, how did you react to this?

TL: I saw how exhausted Agniya came, her ligaments were torn, because they were immediately put on a twine there, she was in pain. I know that when Agnia is forced to do something, it only pushes her away, she cannot learn like that. Then Agnia's paintings already began, she was envied - that she had everything "on the ointment." She was told that she didn’t want to work, that she couldn’t act and study, and so on…

BEFORE: Did you like how Agnia played in "Heat"?

TL: I haven't seen her in action even though she was in Heat as well, but I liked the way she played her part.

HELL: I don't look like myself at all, but I don't remember the shooting itself well at all, because I was in love then. But the director did not give me the opportunity to be myself, he said: “Stand there, look there,” that is, he molded me into the person he needed. And he needed such a nice girl, he loves such … But in principle, I am very glad that "Heat" was my starting project, he "shot".

BEFORE: What happened next with your crush?

HELL: She…transformed into friendship.

BEFORE: Tatyana, what age do you feel like?

TL: I don't have the feeling of a certain age. I am forty-four years old, and I never hide my age and do not think that a woman must do this. I look at Madonna - she is 51 years old, she is an absolutely confident woman, she has a happy face. There are many actresses who look great for their age - Meryl Streep, for example. I always feel sorry for women who do an endless number of plastic surgeries, dress to look younger … I think they are weak - they cannot adequately meet their age and use the opportunities that it gives. Even in extreme old age there is a buzz. I don't try to look younger or, on the contrary, behave according to my age, I never thought that something was undignified for me.

BEFORE: Agnia, how old do you feel?

HELL: A little older than my years - because I communicate mostly with people in their thirties and older. Among my peers, those who are 22-23 years old, there are few people with whom I have something to talk about. I do not want to say that one should only sit and read, but there must be some kind of versatility, or something. And many twenty-year-olds today can only talk about shopping and clubs. But they know all about it.

BEFORE: Tatyana, how do you like your current age?

TL: I am now in the most comfortable time: calmness and self-confidence have come. Now I absolutely know with whom and how I should communicate, some tension has gone, harmony has come. The children are growing up, one has even grown up, there is a job, I do what I love, they respect me …

BEFORE: Have you looked after yourself differently as you get older?

TL: I believe that from the age of 25 it is necessary to take care of your skin. Any woman should understand when she is beautiful, what suits her, what she must drink or eat today in order to look good tomorrow. But the most important thing is what you have inside. If you are not a depressed person, you clearly know what you want, you feel inner harmony, then you will look good.

BEFORE: Agnia, did your mother teach you some secrets of self-care?

HELL: Can you teach me! When it was necessary to study, I went with a “bun” on my head … No, I didn’t really teach … I looked at her and studied. At some point, you yourself begin to understand - why put on makeup, how to put on makeup, what suits me.

BEFORE: They say about women: "We all love our mothers, but none of us wants to be like her." Does this apply to you?

HELL: What are you doing! I really want to be like her, I want to be her! I am similar - with gestures, humor, some kind of movement of thought, or something. But, for example, the calmness in me is daddy's. In general, I am emotional, but I don’t like to just spray and be active.

TL: Agnia is very categorical and independent. If something does not suit her, she immediately explodes, but I do not think that this is bad: this is her temperament, she is not a slob. When we quarrel, this is an explosion, those around us in horror, they think: that's it, this is forever. And five minutes later we make up, hug: “Mommy, I love you” - “Daughter, I love you.”

BEFORE: Many moms have a difficult time when their children grow up and separate from them. Tatyana, how did you take it?

TL: Agniya did not separate from me, the spiritual umbilical cord remained: wherever and with whomever she lives, we are always together. I am glad that my daughter has a sense of humor. I think a person without him is nothing. The one who knows how to laugh has a different attitude even to difficult things, it is easier for him to live.

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