Convenient, fast, but useless

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Convenient, fast, but useless
Convenient, fast, but useless

Cooking instant food is very easy. But no chemicals can replace natural products.

Convenient, fast, but useless

For those who are trying to save time, manufacturers offer an increasingly extensive list of instant products. Very simple: pour boiling water - and you're done. But no chemistry can replace a natural and he althy product

Porridge from a bag

The right ratio of "good" fats and vitamins, high fiber content - that's what a full-fledged cereal porridge is good for. And freeze-dried instant cereals with sweet additives and flavorings, which are also advertised as a “he althy product”, are just useless and even harmful due to the abundance of sugar and flavorings. Cook regular oatmeal or buckwheat for breakfast - it will be more beneficial!

Cube stock

Of course, cooking a clear and delicious broth is troublesome. But, firstly, it is not cooked every day. And secondly, the broth can be poured into containers and stored in the freezer. Instant soups contain too much s alt, artificial food additives, colors and preservatives.

Tea from a bottle

The valuable properties of green tea are widely known. Its leaves contain very beneficial elements for he alth. But the ready-made “green tea”, bottled, in fact, is an ordinary lemonade with a high content of sugar and flavorings.

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