Sport without problems

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Sport without problems
Sport without problems

At least half of young athletes' he alth problems are due to overtraining.

Sports without problems

At least half of the he alth problems among young athletes are due to the fact that they train too much. Pediatricians are concerned that the number of diseases caused by overzealous sports is growing every year. To avoid this, parents need to follow a few rules

• Make sure there are days off. At least one day a week should be free from classes. Explain to your child (and, if necessary, their coach) that children's muscles need time to recover.

• Don't neglect the holidays. Every young athlete should take two or three months off from training every year. By the way, all professional athletes, including Olympic champions, must have such a vacation in their schedule.

• Change activities. Children under 12 should not focus on one sport. To persuade your child to do something else, find reasons: “If you swim for several months, you will become a much better football player.”

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