Hair will no longer stick out

Hair will no longer stick out
Hair will no longer stick out

Sticking hair that is difficult to style is a real disaster for many women.

Hair will no longer stick out!

Sticking hair, difficult to style, a real disaster for many women. American chemist Langer claims to have solved this problem forever

Professor Langer promises that the line of sprays and creams he invented will keep hair "under control" at all times, regardless of the weather. It is only necessary to treat the hair with this product after washing, but before drying. The tool will completely rid the hair of small wet droplets, which are the reason for the "rise" of the hairstyle under the influence of wet or windy weather.

Professor Langer's words can be trusted. After all, it was he who became famous all over the world when he grew an ear on the back of a mouse or when he created blood vessels from stem cells. His team has thoroughly researched all of the current frizz control products, including numerous sprays, gels and lotions.

Indeed, there are a lot of them, they have thousands of names, but they all contain the same ingredient - silicone. And no remedy is truly effective, and after them the hair becomes heavy and oily. Professor Langer, a leading researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, believes that the most important thing in this matter is to prevent moisture from entering the hair. It is water that leads to unwanted hair changes, and this is exactly what silicone cannot achieve.

Professor Langer's No Frizz uses no silicone at all. It uses a water-repellent polyethylene glycol component. It is lighter than silicone in weight. This component effectively protects the hair from moisture penetration, which means that the hairstyle will no longer cause moral suffering to the woman.

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