Sitting on the couch

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Sitting on the couch
Sitting on the couch

Sofa cushion, effectively decorate any corner of the house. We'll show you how to make them.

Sitting on the sofa

Such a small detail as a sofa cushion will effectively decorate any corner of the house. We'll show you some techniques for decorating sofa cushions

Velvet patterns.

1. We make a stencil:for it, you can use a pattern on wallpaper, curtains, linen, etc. We make a copy on a copier, put it on a hard surface (board) and glue it around the perimeter with tape. We put a transparent file on top, fix it with adhesive tape and cut out the stencil with a breadboard knife.

2. We apply glue spray on the stencil and apply it to the pillowcase so that the pattern does not move.With a sponge or brush, apply paint with dotted movements from top to bottom, painting the fabric over the stencil. Remove the stencil and let dry.

Ribbon embroidery

1. Choose a pattern, apply it with a felt-tip pen on the front side of the pillow.

Embroider a pattern using 2 types of stitches. Back and forth stitch: we stick a needle with a ribbon, make a petal 1-1.5 cm long and thread it. Knot stitch: we stick a needle, wrap the tape around it several times and pierce it to the wrong side next to the place where the first puncture was made.

It turns out a bud.

2. Stitch "back and forth" to make a "ladder" around the perimeter of the pillowcase.

3. We collect a 15 cm long braid on a needle, pin it in this form to the pillow and sew it on.

Pillow with chrysanthemums made of felt

1. Chrysanthemums cut out a strip of felt 18x8 cm in size and fold it in half so that the width is 4 cm. We cut the fabric along the entire length into thin strips, not reaching the edge of the fold 0.5 cm. Straighten and sew to the pillow.

2. We cut flat flowers according to a stencil 2 cinquefoils of the same size and put them one on top of the other, with offset petals. So that you get a flower with 10 petals. Sew a button to the center, decorate with beads around, then sew to the pillow.

Cheerful patchwork picture

1. Choose a picture and divide it into its component parts (hat, head, dress, shoes, and in a pumpkin - each slice and leaf). We cut out the details from the fabric with an allowance of 3-5 mm for the hem. Iron every detail on all sides to even out the edges. We collect the figure on the pillow and pin the finished picture with pins. Then we sew each detail with rather rare stitches (1.5-2 cm), picking up the threads to match the shreds.

2. We take a synthetic winterizer, fluffing it, fill in the details with the sharp end of scissors or a knitting needle to add volume. After that, with a thick thread (mulina or wool) with a needle, we embroider details: handles, legs, stems of plants or slices and a pumpkin leaf.

3. We make hairs from wool or floss threads. We hem and fasten them under the hat and in the middle of the hair length to make ponytails.

Embroider eyes and mouth.

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