Education abroad

Education abroad
Education abroad

Higher education abroad. How to choose an educational institution?

Education abroad

At a time when what until recently seemed a sign of success becomes unimportant and insignificant, the most correct thing is to focus on constant values ​​that are not subject to devaluation. One of these values ​​is a classic British education received at one of the legendary universities: Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics (LSE)

Global elite

Facts from the long and modern history of Oxbridge, as it is customary to call a single intellectual and social space formed by the two oldest universities in England and their graduates, stagger the imagination. Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Oscar Wilde and Roger Boyle studied and taught within these walls. If we talk about more recent times, Oxford is a real "forge" of the world's leading politicians, because 22 British prime ministers and such figures who determined the course of history as Bill Clinton, Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto came out of its walls. Cambridge is proud to have produced 80 Nobel laureates, more than any other university in the world. The man who is considered the modern intellectual property of the British Isles - the actor and writer Stephen Fry - also studied at Cambridge. Actors (Sacha Baron Cohen, Hugh Laurie), writers, business people - they all have one thing in common: success. Success in all life endeavors, self-confidence - this is the main thing that Oxbridge gives its graduates, not to mention the highest qualifications and encyclopedic knowledge.

The same can be said about a much younger (only with a hundred years of history!), But no less authoritative educational institution - the London School of Economics and Political Science. Among its founders was the famous playwright George Bernard Shaw, but, of course, this fact does not make thousands of applicants from all over the world seek the chance to study here. LSE has the highest competition among applicants. A huge library, more than three hundred courses to study, the highest level of education - but not only that. Leading experts from the most famous financial and political institutions give lectures to LSE students every year and share their practical experience. Banks and consulting companies regularly hold meetings with students at the school, looking for their future employees among them. The statistics speak for themselves: the majority of managers and managers in the City of London are former graduates of this particular university.

Open Sesame

There is no need to specifically emphasize that a student of a British school has more opportunities to adapt to the British mentality, to master the British intellectual handwriting, knowledge of which largely determines the success of entering the coveted universities. It is no secret that even Russian and British schoolchildren imagine Shakespeare in completely different ways. And to get along with Oxbridge professors, you need to navigate in their intellectual frame of reference, and not just perfectly pass the British A-level final exam and demonstrate high knowledge of English, confirmed by IELTS results.

So what to do if studying in an English high school for one reason or another is not included in your family's plans? Where will the future member of the intellectual and business elite learn the subtleties that will open the door to the coveted community? Good question, and luckily there is a good answer. Inessa Gaplevskaya, General Director of the consulting company Intellect Tour: “We have been helping Russian schoolchildren and students find themselves in the Western university world since 1992. For almost two decades, we have accumulated a huge and, for the Russian educational market, unique experience: personal connections with leading universities, knowledge of the nuances that allow us to successfully pass an oral interview. We always strive to objectively assess the chances of a future student and do everything possible so that he achieves the maximum result: we can recommend teachers in a particular subject, improve the skills of writing exam essays, pass one, and if necessary, several test interviews. Not to mention the fact that we take care of the entire formal organizational part, which is also not easy to understand without preparation. We firmly believe that the level of Russian education is high enough to allow our children to become full members of the most successful intellectual community in the world - Oxbridge, and we are ready to help them do this.

Strategic planning

It's easier to prepare your child for admission to Oxbridge or LSE by placing him in one of the leading schools in the UK. This opportunity is given to students by the Oakham School in Leicestershire. Even at a generally very high level of British education, the achievements of Oakham students stand out noticeably: 77% of last year's graduates received A and B grades on the A-Level exam. The point is not only the highest quality of teaching, but also the fact that Oakham has developed a special Oxbridge program for schoolchildren, in which students are not only pulled up in the necessary subjects, but also trained in them skills that are absolutely necessary for successful admission: writing an essay, oral interview.

Students talk

Ilya Vybiral, 19 years old

I am a third year student at the London School of Economics, Department of Philosophy and Economics. The best teachers in the country work here.

There are many communities in our university where every student will find a soul mate. For example, our Russian community, which includes 250 Russian-speaking students. This year I was elected President of the Russian Community. We organize meetings of our Community members with potential employers, hold conferences with other universities, go to the theater and exhibitions, arrange parties in the best clubs in London…

Yulia Galasyuk, 23

After graduating from two universities in Russia, I entered the Faculty of Economics at University College London and went to London to study for a bachelor's degree. Education systems are completely different. There is a bias towards independent work - starting with the choice of subjects, ending with many hours of preparation for classes in libraries. From the first year, we go to internships in banks and companies, because by the time we graduate from the university, we must have not only a clear idea of ​​​​what area we want to work in, but also experience. I hesitated for a long time about moving to another country, but a year in London showed that I made the right decision.

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