Show the children the Book

Show the children the Book
Show the children the Book

This week, when planning a weekend with the kids, put The Book of Masters on your schedule.

Show the children the book

Disney's new creation is a story in the style of either a Russian folk tale or Gogol's stories, told in modern language, flavored with computer graphics and decorated with old Soviet actors

The plot of the film is original and is not a retelling of any Russian or Western fairy tale. You can even say that this is a kind of symbiosis of two traditions: here you have the fabulous Ivan the Fool, and the gentleman who descended from the pages of "Dead Souls", and the Stone Princess, as the personification of world evil in the tower at the ends of the earth, and stone warriors riding their stone horses straight out of "Lord of the Rings".

"Book of Masters" is full of adventure: good and evil change places, and it is completely unclear how it will end. By the end of the film, the thought comes to mind that maybe there will not be a happy ending. Though that would certainly be a bit odd for a Disney movie.

For this constant, until the very end, thanks to director Vadim Sokolovsky. And also thank you for the feeling that remains after watching the adult viewer. The whole film consists of parodies, jokes, reprises. Some of them may be incomprehensible to children, but very understandable to adults who grew up in the Soviet Union. Actors Valentin Gaft, Liya Akhedzhakova, Leonid Kuravlev also return to their childhood. It seems that once in ancient times I already saw this good old film - well, then, when I first watched "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession" or "Say a Word About the Poor Hussar."

More interestingly, "Book of Masters" is the first film made in Russia by "Disney". It is assumed that after the release in Russia, the film will be released all over the world. Even before it was released in our country, it received the prize at the largest international competition for children's and youth films "Schlingel" in Germany. And it was the first Russian film to win the main award there.

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