Breathe deeply and lose weight

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Breathe deeply and lose weight
Breathe deeply and lose weight

Learn to breathe properly.

Breathe deeply and lose weight!

It would seem, what connection can there be between being overweight and how you breathe? It turns out to be direct: obesity occurs as a result of a violation of the physiological balance of the body, one of the most important functions of which is breathing

Proper deep breathing helps to increase the respiratory volume of the lungs and, therefore, improves blood oxygen saturation. Oxygen burns toxins and excess fats that accumulate in the tissues. Tissue overload with toxins leads to obesity and inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue.

Do this simple and he althy exercise several times a day:

• inhale deeply and calmly through the nose, filling the lungs with it as much as possible;

• hold your breath for 3-4 seconds, feeling your chest expand;

• Exhale slowly through your nose.

This breathing exercise promotes maximum oxygenation of the blood, is an excellent massage for the internal organs, and increases the elasticity of the pectoral muscles. Very useful for people suffering from nervous diseases.

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