Fatty food makes people stupid

Fatty food makes people stupid
Fatty food makes people stupid

Vinegar bites, muffin makes them feel good, mustard makes them upset - so thought Alice from Lewis Carroll's fairy tale.

Fatty foods make people stupid

Vinegar makes them sour, they get better from muffin, they get upset from mustard, as Alice thought from Lewis Carroll's fairy tale. But high-fat food… makes you stupid

British Research

Actually, sweets are nasty, according to medicine. Cakes and various chocolate biscuits lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, tooth decay and many other unpleasant, and sometimes deadly diseases. True, all of them (except obesity) develop over time, sometimes appearing in the second half of life. This is the so-called long-term negative effect of fatty foods.

But it turns out there is also a short-term one. Add a few cakes to your daily diet and you will start to think hard, as scientists from the University of Oxford have found. And besides, you lose your shape. After nine days on a "fat" diet, the rats in the lab were so weak that they could only run at 50% of the strength shown by their counterparts on a low-fat diet.

The rats also managed to find out the degree of damage to mental abilities. No, the animals were not asked to solve crossword puzzles. For a long time, scientists have been testing the sharpness of the rat mind with the help of special labyrinths. The rats fed on fatty foods made it through these mazes with much more effort than rodents fed normally.

"Frightening" called the results of these studies, Oxford Professor Kieran Clark. “We have found that fatty foods have a negative effect on the body even in a very short period,” says Clarke. “Not only the body is affected, but also the brain.”

But why does fat produce this effect? It turns out that eating fat leads to an increase in protein levels, which negatively affects the work of the heart. This reduces our physical capabilities. As for the brain, science has long known the role of a high-fat diet in leading to a significant reduction in brain cognition and the formation of dangerous diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

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