I'm jealous all the time - psychologist's advice

I'm jealous all the time - psychologist's advice
I'm jealous all the time - psychologist's advice

In public places, the husband begins to flirt with the opposite sex. Why should I endure this?

Jealous all the time - advice from a psychologist

Answer: First of all, the question is: do you think your husband is cheating on you? After all, your worries about it, right? And you understand how much depends on the answer to this question. If he cheats, psychologists will not help here, you will have to deal with it yourself. Therefore, let's proceed from the fact that the husband does not change. He's so hot, he loves to flirt. A real man, mind you. And apparently, that's why you chose him. Or he got you. However, sometimes he gets so carried away that he hurts you.

Not all men can "quit" flirting after the wedding. For many of us, flirting means being a man. Only if a man is in a relationship and between him and his woman there is an important “we” for him, he stops in time. Because wife and family are more important.

If such a man is forbidden to look at other women, he will begin to languish and take revenge on his wife. And the woman herself often does not like this twisted man. She chose someone else!

What should a real man's wife do? Balance the situation, hold the territory and feel the joint “we”. Balancing means holding the thread of the relationship from your side and pulling it in the way you feel. If he does something that doesn't suit you, you find a way to respond to him. He invites another to dance - you invite an interesting man to smoke. Moreover, I want to note that balancing is not to take revenge and not to manipulate. It is to live, constantly feeling your “we”. He got distracted! So, does that mean I'm free? Are you back? Wait a second… What, you thought nobody needed me? There is a secret here: in return, you should do a little less. Why? Because of love. Then the relationship will be saved.

Now about the territory. A man is your territory, this feeling of “Mine! I will not give it to anyone!". Therefore, when he is photographed with young girls, you do not go anywhere, but stay. And stand in the center with the feeling "This is mine!". And straighten his shirt collar. Because this is your man, and it should be clear to everyone.

Q: After having a baby (one and a half years old) I am not interested in sex. Looks like it's heading for a divorce.

A: Ironically, it's normal for a woman not to be interested in sex after giving birth. One and a half years - yes, a bit too much. Something here depends on hormones, something - on psychology, and something - on love.

One: Learn to switch from being a mother to being a sexy woman. You can't be in both roles at the same time. I propose a simple game: during the evening at least 3 times you need to switch from one role to another and back.

Second: A method that will work in the most difficult cases. You send the child to the grandmother with an overnight stay. Make the best bedding. Arrange romance: candles, dinner, everything. Oh, yes, he did not say the most important thing: you need to communicate completely naked. A very important condition: you can not have sex! Do this once a week for 10 consecutive weeks. Exercise serves to accumulate sexual energy. Please write to us about the results.

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