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How to properly care for shoes in autumn? Expert advice.

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How to care for shoes?

Nadezhda Vinokurova, RALF RINGER Leading Process Engineer:

Often we start looking after shoes after we've worn them a little. It is not right. You need to take care of it even before you go out for the first time. The new pair is absolutely not protected from the negative effects of the street - dirt, s alt, reagents.

• Treat your shoes with protective equipment immediately before going out, and then wash and clean your shoes not before going out, but upon returning home.

• Do not put shoes under the radiator or other heating devices. This is very harmful for both leather and leatherette. Shoes should dry at room temperature. Washing shoes under running water is not recommended.

• If there is an unpleasant smell, you can put a little baking soda inside and shake well so that the baking soda covers the surface. Stuff your shoes with newspaper after every wear. They will absorb the smell.

• Whenever possible, avoid buying shoes made from artificial leather. A fake can be seen by the cut of the visible edge and by the fact that artificial leather does not allow air to pass through and does not absorb moisture. Such shoes have the effect of a rubber boot - the foot does not breathe in it and moisture does not evaporate.

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