Your new kitchen

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Your new kitchen
Your new kitchen

Want to have the perfect kitchen? We will help you make the right choice.

Your new kitchen

Your new kitchen

Want to have the perfect kitchen? We will help you make the right choice.

1. Where to start?

What is a good kitchen layout? Firstly, it is the most efficiently used space, functionality and spaciousness. Secondly, easy access to all necessary things. Therefore, when starting planning, do not forget to take into account: the number of members of your family, eating habits, the number of people who are and cook in the kitchen at the same time, household appliances that you are used to or would like to use. Don't worry if your kitchen is small. With the right layout, even the smallest room can become very cozy and quite roomy.

2. Some math

The space of any kitchen involves three main areas: stove and oven (a place for preparing food), a work surface and a sink (a place for preparing and cutting food) and a refrigerator (a place for storing food).

It has long been a rule that these three zones should be the vertices of a triangle and ideally be at an equal distance from each other. This layout of the three main zones was created for convenience, so that the owners do not have to suffer from crowding and not make unnecessary movements while cooking. However, this does not mean that such a scheme should always be observed. You can plan your own kitchen option.

Kitchen layout options

3. Color matching

4. What should be the gender

Because the kitchen is not only a permanent area, but also a place where there is moisture, high temperatures, splashes and stains, flooring should be chosen on the basis of durability and wear resistance.

5. Wall Materials

Since splashes, grease stains, spilled liquids, etc. are always present in the kitchen, wear-resistant washable materials should be chosen for the walls. The most important thing is to think over the material for the kitchen apron, because it is in the cooking area that most of the dirt happens. The apron should be heat resistant and easy to clean. So choose non-staining colors, mosaics or painted tiles where dirt is less visible.

Do you need help from a designer?

6. Where to wash

7. Useful technique

Properly selected household appliances facilitate and speed up the process of cooking and washing dishes. The choice here is huge. The main thing is to decide on the number and functionality of the devices, so as not to clutter up the room in vain. Let's list the essentials:

8. Countertop selection

When choosing a countertop, consider its thickness: the European standard is 38 mm, the standard of our manufacturers is from 28 mm, so built-in appliances sometimes get a little lower into the cabinet, which makes it difficult to pull out the top drawer under the stove. Pay attention to tight connections and installation.

Note: Stainless steel countertops are produced (they are not afraid of mechanical impacts and are very hygienic, mainly used in modern interior style), wood countertops (for interior in style country) and glass tops. All of them are quite expensive.

9. Headset Selection

Kitchen sets are available in two versions: serial and custom. Standard modules are a more economical option and you will get the kitchen in a shorter time, but the width of the modules and their dimensions limit the layout options and the use of free space. Any kitchen set consists of floor and suspended modules. The lower modules consist of cabinets for sinks, built-in appliances and storage. Hanging cabinets are divided into dryers for dishes, modules above the hood, showcases and cabinets. Some housewives prefer open hanging shelves in combination with closed cabinets under the countertop. Others opt for fully enclosed cabinets to hide clutter. But keep in mind that a fully enclosed kitchen can narrow the room, and the combination of solid doors with stained glass or open shelves looks prettier and more comfortable. The complete set of kitchen sets is the most diverse: shelves, drawers, bottles, dryers, modules for built-in appliances and other functional elements (drawers with roll-out mechanisms for dishes and food storage, pull-out baskets for chemicals, oils or sauces, convenient microlifts that lower the shelf with all its content).

10. Facade Materials

If you prefer kitchens made of solid wood or with wood trim, remember: they do not always withstand high humidity in the room. If you are going to opt for a glossy headset, choose one that is easy to clean.

• Chipboard Most modern kitchens are made from this material. Chipboard sets are the cheapest, made from pressed particle boards and covered with laminate or other wear-resistant material of a wide variety of textures and colors. When buying, pay attention to the fact that all the ends of the parts are closed with an edge and protected from moisture penetration.

• MDF is an environmentally friendly material, well tolerated by steam, resistant to various fungi, hygienic and safe. It costs less than natural wood, but the appearance is almost indistinguishable. You can choose a variety of colors and textures of the coating.

• Solid wood is a glued solid bars treated with special compounds. This is the most expensive material from which custom-made kitchens are made. They produce kitchens from oak, ash, pine, cherry walnut, chestnut, alder, etc.

Useful geometry

• The distance from the countertop to the bottom surface of the wall cabinet is at least 45 cm (optimally 60 cm)

• Tabletop depth - 60cm

• The internal size of the cabinet-table and household - at least 46 cm

• Wall cabinet depth - 30cm

• Base cabinets are available in widths from 15 to 120 cm. Each manufacturer offers a range of sizes.

• The height of the hanging shelves can range from 35cm to 132cm. Depending on your height.

• The sink should not be closer than 60 cm to the stove.

• The hood should be 65-75 cm above the stove.

Keep up the look

1. Once you've finished redecorating and planning your kitchen, try to keep it clean and put everything in its place.

2. Make a habit of wiping down countertops, sinks, and stovetops after every use. And use the right cleaning products, 3. Remove dirt, drips and grease stains from the floor. It is more convenient to use a multifunctional vacuum cleaner that can cope with dry cleaning and collecting spilled water.

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