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Female form
Female form

A woman is beautiful at any age, you can create the perfect image for any figure, says Vlad Lisovets.

female form

At any age a woman is beautiful, do not be afraid of her age. A good haircut, the right make-up and carefully chosen clothes will help you look great

Choose the right underwear:

1. Correct size

When choosing underwear, you need to adequately assess your size. Don't flatter yourself by buying a size 46 instead of a size 48. An incorrectly chosen size leads to a disastrous result: panties cut the line of the abdomen, the bra presses on the chest. And most importantly, it is very uncomfortable and even harmful.

2. Comfort above all else

When choosing underwear, focus on the form, on emphasizing your strengths and correcting your shortcomings. Under clothes, such underwear will give you a good silhouette.

2 steps to a slim silhouette

Misperception of age

Russian women often do not accept their age and try to look younger. At the same time, it seems to them that if they dress in the same way as they dressed in their 20s, they will look younger. But it turns out the opposite! Youth clothing looks out of place, adds age and makes a woman completely unattractive. I need to ditch my 70s hair and makeup from my youth once and for all.

What to do?

You shouldn't be guided by what went with you in your youth. You have matured, and that's great: it's time to see yourself in a new light, in new fashion trends. Let your hairstyle be timely and stylish. Perhaps you need to paint less, because a face overloaded with makeup looks older. Make sure that the silhouette of the clothes matches the time and, most importantly, the figure. All this will help you look younger.


Trends of the season allow women to hide many of their imperfections, and this should be used. For example, trousers with a high waist make you involuntarily draw in your stomach and keep your posture. Blazers with shoulder pads are relevant: with their help, you can shift the focus from wide hips to the upper part of the figure, which will make it slimmer. with trousers and heels you will get a strict and stylish set.

Face and hair care tips:

2. Mascara. Now it's fashionable to have thick eyelashes. However, please note: if you like heavily colored eyelashes, then you should give up rich shadows and dark arrows.

3. Face shape correction can be done with darker powder. Emphasize the cheekbones and nose, powder the whiskey. Thanks to this, the face will become sharper and more textured.

4. Shadows. Apply lighter eyeshadow closer to the nose and darker eyeshadow towards the outer corner of the eye. Both colors should be combined and in no case should contrast.

5. Hair. In adulthood, do not wear long flowing hair. However, this does not mean that you need to cut your hair short. Hair length is very individual, but medium length haircuts look more elegant. Do not overdo it with paint: two shades are enough - lighter at the ends and darker at the roots. It gives depth.

Great result for any build and any age:

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