The secret of a happy marriage revealed

The secret of a happy marriage revealed
The secret of a happy marriage revealed

Do you know what a woman should be like to live a long and happy life next to her man?

The secret to a happy marriage revealed

Scientists have revealed the secret of a happy marriage - a woman should be at least five years younger than a man. And much smarter

British University

It turned out that the wife must be younger than her husband, at least five years. However, most women and men know about this, and many marriages take into account this age difference. But the most curious thing is that, as it turned out, a woman should be much smarter than a man. Here's a great argument against those who claim that men prefer pretty fools!

Surprisingly, many of the stronger sex are happy to marry women who are not inferior to them in intelligence, and sometimes even surpass them. It turns out that a man quickly gets tired of the "fool". Nothing to talk about with her.

If the data from the University of Bath study does not impress you, then you can turn to the results of another larger study recently conducted by Swedish sociologists. They proved that husbands with smarter wives live much longer. And have better he alth than men with less intelligent halves.

What is the reason for this? A smart wife monitors her husband's he alth more carefully and does not miss the alarming symptoms that indicate the onset of some serious illness.

Source:News Yahoo

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