Fat kids need more sleep

Fat kids need more sleep
Fat kids need more sleep

If you want your kids not to gain weight, then let them sleep longer on the weekends.

Fat kids need more sleep

If you want to prevent children from gaining extra weight, then let them sleep longer on weekends, doctors urge

Turns out to be chronic

They found that kids who didn't get the right amount of sleep tend to weigh more (as measured by the BMI) than those who get enough sleep. Doctors say kids should get at least eight hours of sleep a night.

However, it also turned out that children who "get" the missing hours of sleep on weekends, when they do not have to go to school early in the morning, add significantly less extra pounds. It is known that on weekends children sleep much longer than on “working” weekdays. However, overweight guys tend to sleep less on weekends and holidays than their thinner peers.

Unfortunately, scientists have not been able to pinpoint why overweight and obese children don't get as much sleep on weekends. However, it has been observed that obese people tend to spend more time doing homework and watching TV.

In addition, biological factors such as disturbed sleep cycles may also play a role. In the future, science will have to find more accurate explanations of this relationship between childhood sleep and weight.

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