Why do we need money?

Why do we need money?
Why do we need money?

A psychologist and TV presenter Galina Timoshenko talks about whether money brings happiness

Why is money needed?

For some reason, it is believed that only a very stupid person can ask this question. And it seems absolutely obvious that everyone desperately needs money, always and without any additional justification

And if a person cries that he has no money or even no money, it means only one thing: he does not really need it. Or, in extreme cases, he has not yet understood why he needs them. Because - sorry for the banality - money is always needed for some reason.

Once upon a time in the summer, a magnificent commercial was played on TV: a girl exhausted by the heat walks through the city melting from the heat, and suddenly a refrigerator with a misted bottle of a fabulously tasty and cold drink appears in front of her eyes behind a glass showcase of a store. Moreover, this bottle was shown so relish that even viewers began to convulsively swallow saliva. What can we say about the heroine of the video? But the store is closed. And the poor fellow, having seen enough of the inaccessible bottle, began to scream so that the glass crumbled under the pressure of her voice.

Now imagine that behind the glass there would be not a frosty bottle of your favorite drink, but, say, a glass of muddy water. Would you scream at the top of your lungs for this? The same thing happens with money. The obscure goal - "to earn as much as possible" - for some reason does not stimulate much for great labor achievements. Moreover, if such a goal arises, it is very alarming … Because the question immediately arises: why?

And here we come to the most important. As you know, to whom - the priest, to whom - the priest, and to whom - the priest's daughter. In other words, to each his own, and not everyone will like frog legs cooked in the most exquisite way. Similarly, money in itself is not loved by everyone. Of course, there are people who like money as such. They may be interested in how money works, it's nice to feel it in their hands, count, etc. But playing Scrooge McDuck is not for everybody.

There are other options. You, for example, have probably met men who complain that women love predominantly the rich. And now remember how many of them were charming handsome men and favorites of the public. Correctly. There were none. Because they don't need money to win a woman. But it is much easier for a person to blame someone else, for example, greedy girls, for his failures than to admit that he himself is uninteresting. And a person earns money to provide himself with love - mind you, love, not quantity! - long-legged and greedy girls. But he gets just their number! And with love, things are exactly the same as before. The result is the same: there is money, there is no happiness.

Or - a completely different situation: a person needs money in order to buy his own home. That is, now he lives with his parents, but he wants to feel independent with all his might. It would seem an absolutely understandable desire. That's just a separate housing still does not guarantee independence. The mass of people, living separately, to gray hair remains sissy and daddy's daughters. They rebel, they get angry - but they obey! The money was found, the house is there - there is no result. So far from always the first answer to the question “why?” - true…

It's like drinking liters of water when you want to eat: for some time you can deceive your unfortunate stomach, but sooner or later the body will understand: no matter how much water you drink, vital energy is not added.

So the question is "how to make money?" we have turned into two at once - “why are they needed?” and “is it possible to get what you want by earning money?”. There is a third question, a very unpleasant one: what do you pay money for? I may be forgiven by the fighters for the rights of the disadvantaged population, but I do not believe that everyone who suffers from an acute shortage of money deserves more. It seems to me that an excellent doctor, plasterer, auto mechanic or nanny will be able to earn a living - anytime and anywhere. Of course, if a person at one time decided not to strain too much and received a speci alty with a sin in half, then he has a hard time in our harsh times. Or if he is desperately afraid to try to change his life - to leave, to learn something else. Only - who is to blame then?!

And one more strange thing: everyone seems to understand that money has never guaranteed happiness to anyone. But at the same time, almost everyone is ready to try to make money, and in order to become happy, much less effort is made. Apparently, it is assumed that these two tasks can only be solved sequentially: first - money, and only then - happiness. Only happiness can not live up to.

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