Hair falling out. What to do?

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Hair falling out. What to do?
Hair falling out. What to do?

What to do if hair falls out badly? Is there a way to stop hair loss without medication?

Hair fall out. What to do?

Hair falls out: what to do at home

Answer: Hair loss is a very common problem that, contrary to popular belief, women face just as often as men. Special hair care products, for example, the Himalaya Herbals series hair loss cream, help to resist hair loss. This is a unique natural remedy, which includes plants carefully selected in the foothills of the Himalayas - one-seeded butea and small-flowered butea. The cream, obtained as a result of scientific and clinical studies, stimulates the active phase of hair growth, promotes the rapid growth of hair fiber cells, improves hair strength and density. Studies have shown that with daily use of Himalaya Herbals cream, hair loss is reduced by 20% after 2 weeks, and by 70% after 6 months.

Hair falling out a lot: what to do

Another common cause is low iron levels and a drop in hemoglobin in the blood. What to do if hair falls out due to a lack of vitamins and minerals? Get a complete blood count and start taking appropriate iron supplements.

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