Hamburgers and cakes are addictive

Hamburgers and cakes are addictive
Hamburgers and cakes are addictive

Junk food rich in calories is as addictive as drugs.

Hamburgers and cakes are addictive

Junk food high in calories is as addictive as drugs, scientists have found

We're really "getting high

Over the years, junk food becomes the very drug that causes feelings of happiness in our brain. And dependence on it is no less weak than on cocaine or opiates. “You completely lose control of yourself,” says study author Dr. Paul Kenny. “And this is the main sign of addiction!”.

Scientists believe they have conducted one of the first studies in the history of medicine, which proves that unhe althy food in terms of impact on people is almost as good as drugs. "This is the strongest evidence to date that obesity and drug addiction have common roots, they are diseases with similar neurobiological bases," said Dr. Kenny's colleague Paul Johnson.

During the research, Dr. Kenny divided the rats into three groups. One was given perfectly normal portions of he althy food, one was given limited amounts of unhe althy food, and one was fed just to kill high-calorie foods, including cakes, chocolate chip cookies and fatty meats.

In the first two groups, the diet did not cause much change, but the rats in the third group quickly put on weight and developed an addiction to unhe althy food. When scientists used electrodes to stimulate the pleasure regions of the rat's brain, they found that the rodents needed more and more unhe althy food to get the same level of satisfaction as the rats in the other two groups.

Source:The Daily Telegraph

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