Sardinia with taste

Sardinia with taste
Sardinia with taste

Oh, how delicious the name of this island sounds! However, sardines are by no means the main dish in the traditional menu of the islanders.

Sardinia with taste

Oh, how delicious the name of this island sounds! True, a little deceptive, because sardines are not the main dish on the local menu. Once you reach the shores of magnificent Sardinia, get ready for a varied and educational gastronomic journey

At once two aspects of the local cuisine are to be studied by the traveler. Both are original and at the same time are connected by tradition. The first is the rich, vibrant and sophisticated cuisine of the coast. Haute cuisine of masters of their craft, which can be tasted in restaurants and large tourist centers. The morning there begins with a completely European breakfast, but with amazing local cheeses, ham, freshly baked bread, and fruits. Lunch "a-la carde" already includes typical Sardinian dishes - with lobsters, oysters, lobsters, tuna, but in a modern arrangement. Well, the dinner will be long and plentiful: fresh fish and meat are languishing on the coals in the patio of a restaurant or hotel, closed pies with the thinnest dough stuffed with spinach, fish, cheese, all local delicacies and wines await their hour on the buffet.

The second aspect of Sardinian cuisine is traditional, original, ancient gastronomy, preserved from those times (however, not so long ago), when the island was not yet a tourist pearl of the Mediterranean and one of the most famous resorts in Italy. Sardinia has always been a land of farmers, fishermen and livestock breeders. Dozens of excellent cheeses are produced here, the most famous of which - pecorino (pecorino sardo) - is known far beyond the island. Like many island peoples, the Sardis before and now prefer to use in their cuisine a minimum of products brought from outside and treat their own with respect. Homemade sausages, pig meat, mutton, lamb or goat meat are excellently cooked in small trattorias and on farms that make up agro-tourism, which is such a popular tourist destination today. The owner of a small farm or a restaurant here is a cook, a waiter, and a guide for those who came to these places for the first time. By the way, guests will be served home-made pasta - locally produced, not industrially made. Believe me, you will immediately notice the difference: there is more soul and taste in it!

Dish with history

Real Sardinian dinner

What to try in Sardinia?

• Myrtle liqueur

• Sardinian Honey

• Argiolas wines from local grape varieties Bovale Sardo, Cannonau, Carignano

• Pasta malloreddus, culungiones, ricotta ravioli

• Sweets: nougat, nuts, marzipan

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