Teen Sexuality - Early or Timely?

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Teen Sexuality - Early or Timely?
Teen Sexuality - Early or Timely?

Professor Igor Kon answered the questions of Domashniy Ochag magazine.

Teenage sexuality - sooner or later?

Igor Kon, sexologist, sociologist, Ph.D

BEFORE: Why girls?

IR: For boys, the very achievement of this status, even if everything was not so great, is still a very big achievement, it outweighs the negative emotions. For a girl, the emotional background of the relationship is much more important. And, if the partner is not the right one, if she feels that she was just used, she, of course, regrets. In addition, there is one more thing: the boy always receives his minimum. And a girl, especially at the first time, often does not experience pleasure.

BEFORE: At what age is it too early for a girl to have sex?

IR: The global process (and our country is no exception) is that the age of sexual debut has decreased everywhere in recent decades. And our children are no different in this respect. In addition, there is another trend. It is known that girls mature two or three years earlier, and they always started sexual life later. So, this difference has decreased, and in many countries with liberal sexual morality, girls have not only caught up with, but also outstripped boys.

TO: What is the reason?

IR: This is normal and natural. The mystery was the previous alignment of forces: girls mature earlier, and start later. Entire theories were built about, for example, that girls do not have such eroticism. But now it turned out that social factors mattered. Because for a girl this is a more responsible step, she can become pregnant, which means that the consequences are much more serious than for a boy. In addition, they held back moral attitudes to preserve virginity before marriage. And when effective contraception appeared, which allows you to avoid consequences, and public attitudes on this matter changed, everything fell into place. So the sexual revolution of the 20th century was essentially a women's revolution, because all the shifts affected women the most. And it changed the nature of teenage sexuality.


IR: For a teenager, the teenage subculture in which he lives is very important. If what you inspire is contrary to the norms that exist in this subculture, your chances of success are not particularly great. And the mother's influence on her daughter can be indirect: if she knows her daughter's friends and friends, represents their values, she can tactfully, without annoying, warn against something, lay some straw somewhere. These things are only possible if friendly relations are maintained.

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