Math saved a life

Math saved a life
Math saved a life

Vicky Alex's love for mathematics truly saved this girl's life.

Math saved a life

Vicky Alex's love for mathematics truly saved this girl's life

Last summer 1

But two weeks ago, the girl had all the classic symptoms of a cold. Then a bump suddenly appeared on the back. The doctor thought it was a boil and prescribed antibiotics. However, the drugs did not help, and the girl soon had to deal with a severe infection that forced Vicki to fight for her life.

Unfortunately, the girl's body, weakened by a serious illness, could no longer cope with the infection. And then the doctors decided to put her in a medically induced coma. There was a chance that the drugs would work in this state, but there was no guarantee that Vicki would come back to her senses.

A few days later, doctors tried to bring the girl back to consciousness, but the teenager did not come out of the coma. And then Vicki's attending physician invited her parents, Nick and Tracy, to talk to their daughter. Perhaps Vicki could respond to the voices of people close to her. For an hour, dad and mom discussed with the comatose daughter her friends, favorite TV programs, singers and fashion. There were no signs of recovery of brain activity.

And then Vicki's father, software engineer Nick Alex decided to resort to mathematics. “She always loved to count with me,” says Nick. - And I decided to take a chance. I did not want to overload it, I started with the simplest problems, like how much is one plus one. And suddenly the daughter answered - her lips moved. I just couldn't understand what she was saying, so I asked, "Do you mean to say two?" She nodded almost imperceptibly.”

Gradually, Nick began to complicate the tasks, and consciousness slowly returned to his daughter. A few hours later, Vicki Alex fully recovered. She is now back at home but will return to the hospital in the coming days for further chemotherapy.

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