Proper sleep is the path to a he althy diet

Proper sleep is the path to a he althy diet
Proper sleep is the path to a he althy diet

Everything in the body is interconnected. If a person sleeps right, then he eats right.

Proper sleep - the path to a he althy diet

It turns out that everything in our body is interconnected. And if a person sleeps right at night, then he also eats right during the day

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A new study from Harvard Medical School found that getting enough sleep helps people eat he althily. The researchers studied 542 adult men who worked as longshoremen in the port. This category of people was chosen specifically, since representatives of this profession often have night shifts, overtime, long shifts, etc. The average age of the subjects was 49 years old.

It turned out that adequate hours of sleep were generally associated with people who preferred a he althy diet.

"The duration and quality of sleep are important factors in the development of various diseases," the study authors write. - Sleep deprivation is known to lead to weight gain, diabetes and early death. Our study suggests that adequate sleep affects people's food preferences. And the better a person sleeps, the more he althy food he chooses.”

Source:He alth Day

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