World Science Day

World Science Day
World Science Day

November 10 is World Science Day.

world science day

World Science Day, or more officially World Science Day for Peace and Development, is celebrated annually on November 10th to raise public awareness around the world of the benefits of science. And although this day has not been declared a public holiday, every country is hosting events related to World Science Day

Following the agenda of the 1999 conference, UNESCO formally established World Science Day, proclaiming it at a general conference in 2001. Globally, the Day was first celebrated on November 10, 2002 and has been widely celebrated around the world ever since.

UNESCO annually does a lot of work with government organizations, scientific and educational teams, and the public to spread knowledge about the significance of World Science Day. Major holiday activities include:

Governments of some countries coincide with World Science Day by adopting programs in support of science and scientific initiatives, and also start new scientific and technical projects together with scientific organizations, schools and universities.

Recall that the Day of Russian Science is celebrated annually on February 8 on the day when Peter I signed the Decree on the formation of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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