Mental betrayals

Mental betrayals
Mental betrayals

A betrayal committed in our imagination is not much different from a physical one.

Mental betrayals

Change committed in our imagination is not much different from the physical, according to some scientists

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They are spending more and more time together. No, both know perfectly well that cheating is bad. They want each other, but they don't even dare to talk about it. And if there wasn't even an innocent kiss between them, then they didn't do anything wrong?

“The betrayal has happened,” says Dr. Phillip Hodson, member of the British Association of Family Therapists. “It doesn’t matter what you call it, but these people’s “intimate devotion” to their spouses is already broken.” Hodson sees some ideas about marriage as outdated and medieval.

"These concepts are rooted in centuries-old morality, but relationships today are increasingly structured differently," says Dr. Hodson. - We sometimes continue to consider sex as a matrimonial right. And if it is not violated, then nothing threatens the marriage. But modern relationships depend on the inviolability of "intimate devotion." And it can happen without physical contact.”

Treason in the head, according to Dr. Hodson, is in no way inferior to physical infidelity. That's just people continue to justify themselves by the fact that they "had nothing." Meanwhile, sex itself is just one of the physiological rituals. "When you cheat on your soul mate in your heart, it's no different than cheating in bed," said Dr. Hodson.

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