How to achieve beauty without a diet?

How to achieve beauty without a diet?
How to achieve beauty without a diet?

Maybe there is an easier way to beauty than diet to be attractive?

How to achieve beauty without a diet?

Dieting is a proven, effective and very hard way to become attractive. Maybe there is something simpler?

Of course there is, k

First, always wear heels. Yes, these shoes can hurt, besides, good shoes and boots are expensive. But heels add a sexy touch to any wardrobe. And make your legs look longer.

Second - beware of girlfriends who "attract" fat. If your best friend constantly cracks donuts, calls you to a cafe to eat chocolate cake, does not let go of a bag of chips, then you will fall under its influence.

Third, discover your own style. Some girls make guys salivate just by wearing a white t-shirt with gins. It's not about what you wear, but how you do it. Any item in your wardrobe is a signal to people around you. A signal that can repel or attract.

Fourth - treat food with special attention. If you eat something, you should not watch TV or read the newspaper. Otherwise, you eat more than you need. Most importantly, eat only when you are hungry! Listen to your stomach, not your emotions.

Fifth, buy some sexy shorts. If you save your most attractive outfits only for some special parties, you are making a mistake. Shorts, tanga panties, short T-shirts and other delights can and should be worn more actively. They give self-confidence.

Sixth - buy more unpackaged food. Stop typing boxes, cans, preserves, etc. The more carefully packaged the food, the more preservatives and chemicals it contains.

Seventh - wear black, opaque tights. They make your legs look thinner. This is a stylish and inexpensive piece of clothing.

Eighth - control the size of portions. You can eat almost everything, but the most important thing here is to watch the size of portions. And the more vegetables on the plate, the better.

Ninth - beware of "he althy" food and similar tricks. You decide to make a salad. Spinach, carrots and tomatoes are cut into a plate. And you're so happy that you've made a "he althy" dish that you throw in some eggs, bacon, toast, and the like. Don't mix everything into a dish just because it's called a salad.

Tenth - buy more fat burners. When shopping, be sure to put grapefruits, apples, olive oil, seeds, lecithin, garlic, blueberries and almonds in your shopping cart. Just don't go overboard with garlic if you care about work colleagues and the man you love.


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