Pessimists have bad teeth

Pessimists have bad teeth
Pessimists have bad teeth

Pessimists pay for their negativity. For example, a toothache.

Pessimists have bad teeth!

Pessimists pay for their negativity. Including toothache

Experts from Univ

A study found that nearly 25% of pessimists are so intimidated by the possibility of going to the dentist that they "want to wait until the dental disease has gone too far and no further treatment is needed." That is, the doctor will simply have to remove bad teeth.

On average, pessimists accumulate as many as 22 (!) sick, rotten and extracted teeth by the age of 32. And it's not even that they treat their teeth too badly

"These are people who live by the principle of "the glass is half empty," - says study author Professor Murray Thompson. - And everything is interconnected here. Their fear of dentists is explained by the possible pain during treatment. But if you do not go at least once every six months for prevention, then let your teeth go down. And then you really need a long, and sometimes painful treatment, including cleaning the canals, removing abscesses or the teeth themselves. As a result, pessimists become even more afraid of dentists. And everything repeats "".

Source:The Daily Telegraph

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