How to do everything

How to do everything
How to do everything

8 time management secrets for busy women.

How to do everything

Secret one and main: planning

Secret two: get rid of time wasters

Secret three: solve all problems in time

Secret Four: Don't procrastinate

The fifth secret. Delegate authority

Secret six. Give up perfectionism

The secret of the seventh. Reward yourself for sticking to your plan

Important: To develop a skill, you need to perform certain actions for 21 days. To get involved in planning, you need to make daily plans for only three weeks. After this period, you will see that planning has organically entered the life of your family, and you have begun to do a lot more and you have enough time for everything.

Time is an irreplaceable resource. It goes away forever. But with the help of personal time management, you can get a time gain of 25-30%. Imagine getting a few extra hours a day to get things done and get started today!

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