Master class from Marat Ka "Fiery Angel"

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Master class from Marat Ka "Fiery Angel"
Master class from Marat Ka "Fiery Angel"

New Year is a time when you really want to redo and update something in your home.

Master class from Marat Ka "Fiery Angel"

Marat Ka, designer, host of the Decorative Passion program on the Domashny TV channel:

New Year is a time when you really want to redo and update something in your home. If you want something new, fresh - don't be afraid to experiment! It doesn’t matter what trends are in the new season and what designers advise. If green or red is in fashion, but blue and lilac are closer to you, do not pay attention to the advice. Use the colors you and your family love.

The interior of an apartment or house should be such that you feel comfortable and pleasant to be in it. At home, you should rest and relax, and not make an effort on yourself, convincing yourself that you are very comfortable in a super-fashionable interior. Not true! You will not be comfortable in a house where little things and colors annoy you! A truly happy and protected person can only be in his own home! Choose what will fit into your interior, what will bring you joy and peace.

And most importantly - try to do everything with your own hands! Put your love, your warmth, your mood into each New Year's little thing. Even if something doesn’t work out for you, it doesn’t come out quite neatly, don’t be discouraged. The main thing is that the candlestick, chair or Christmas tree are made by you! Moreover, the craft is the more expensive, the more soul and effort of all family members will be invested.

I sincerely wish everyone not to be afraid to create, try, experiment! And remember, the more home-made "chips" and "things" in your apartment, the more comfortable and unique it is!

Let your kids cut out the templates and color in the individual pieces. And adults perform more complex and dangerous operations.

Angel Candle

A handmade candle can be presented to relatives and work colleagues, adults and children. It will perfectly fit into any interior. In addition, you can choose any shape, size and color.

You will need:

• sheet of paper, marker, glue

• piece of lace

• plaster, latex

• paraffin, rope

• hairdryer, scissors

• Gold nail polish and glitter

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