How to get rid of hidden bad habits

How to get rid of hidden bad habits
How to get rid of hidden bad habits

You have bad habits you don't even know you have.

How to get rid of hidden bad habits

Even if you don't smoke two packs of cigarettes during the day and don't sleep for three hours at night, it doesn't mean that you don't have unhe althy habits left in your life

Some of them we

Start by writing down everything you eat and drink over the course of several days. You need to identify the sources of caffeine, which is found not only in coffee itself, but also in tea, soda and energy drinks. Find out the exact amount of caffeine consumed and try to reduce it by 10%. And then keep lowering it by 10% every few days until your caffeine addiction subsides.

We sometimes spend an hour and a half or two hours a day commuting on the subway. It's noisy underground, and we turn up the volume of the players above the permissible level. Over time, this can lead to long-term hearing loss as nerve cells in the inner ear simply die from stress. In addition, ringing can settle in the ears for a long time. You need to set the volume in your headphones so that you can distinguish the voice of people who are talking to you. After a short time, the brain will begin to perceive this quieter signal as quite normal.

We all know that smoking is bad. But some of us allow ourselves to smoke one or two cigarettes a month, considering it complete nonsense. But even with such a frequency, we still poison our body. Doctors have long stated that there is no lower limit for smoking. In addition, these small doses sometimes increase over time, which leads to dependence. If you feel like twirling something in your teeth, then let it be a straw for cocktails. And with a strong need for nicotine, use a special chewing gum. True, the less often, the better - it is still fraught with addiction.

It's okay to lie down in front of the TV with some chips a couple of times a week in the evening. But if this happens often, it turns into a bad habit. When a person is "chained" to a TV box, he consumes 71% more food than usual. And an extra 19 hours a week in front of the TV increases the risk of becoming overweight by 97%. Decide what is really worth watching, and what is worth recording on the player and watching at another time.

At least three times a week, spend your time after work more varied. Meeting friends or going to the movies is a great way to unwind and de-stress.

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