How to celebrate and not go broke

How to celebrate and not go broke
How to celebrate and not go broke

According to statistics, stores make up to 40% of annual revenue in December.

How to celebrate and not go broke
You probably know that financial planning is the main rule for any situation, but if we are talking about New Year's celebrations, then they should not just be planned in advance, but conditionally divided into three stages: New Year's Eve (preparation for the holiday, corporate and school celebrations), the New Year itself and the holidays (travel, family entertainment, children's Christmas trees, visits to friends and relatives). In order to reduce the cost of the holidays, you need to carefully consider all the stages. And pay attention: to make a successful plan, you need to start from the end. In our case, you need to think about how you will celebrate the New Year and what the holidays will be filled with. It will depend on what you need to prepare and buy.

Stage 1. NEW YEAR

There is a lot to do these days! Outfits for yourself, children and husband, gifts, preparations for the festive table, souvenirs for colleagues, a Christmas tree, children's parties … In order not to go broke already at this stage, remember two key words: fantasy and moderation.

Make a list of everyone you are going to gift this year.

Set a budget. How much are you willing to spend on gifts? Highlight those people on the list who you would not like to save on. Think about what they would be happy about. Go around the shops, search the Internet, determine the cost.

Don't leave shopping until the last moment. This is a sure way to spend significantly more than you plan and not buy what you need.

Before you buy, think about savings. Perhaps in the near future the store will arrange sales or you can participate in a wholesale purchase from a warehouse. It is wise to buy toys for children, gifts for colleagues and partners, alcohol in this way.

The real hysteria is observed before the New Year in grocery stores. Don't panic. Make a list of products needed for the New Year's table and family meals on the 1st-2nd. After the holidays, there will be discounts in stores and you will replenish food supplies.

Do not buy ready-made masquerade costumes for children. As a rule, they are distinguished by two characteristics - low quality and high price. Try making the costumes yourself (see the Kids section for our tips).

If you are looking for a Christmas outfit for yourself, financially speaking, there are two right ways.

Option one: a quality classic item that can be worn for many years, changing accessories. A win-win option is the little black dress, which this year can be complemented with trendy gold or purple accessories. The second option is bright, very relevant and inexpensive thing, which can be worn several times and thrown away without regret. Which of these options would you prefer? If you have a lot of official events, choose the first path. And if you will meet with family and friends in an informal setting, prefer the second one.


Each family has its own tradition of celebrating the New Year. But be that as it may, the feeling of a holiday does not depend on the amount spent, but on the mood. Therefore, it is still worth remembering some rules that will help you stay within your budget.

Think holiday scenario and make a list of what you need. For example, home decorations, napkins, candles, gift bags on the eve of the holiday are many times more expensive than in early December. Buy them in advance, or better yet - right after the New Year holidays with a huge discount - and save until next year.

Be smart about the number of dishes on your holiday table. For example, do not cook too many salads, they become stale in a day and go to the trash. If during the holidays you do not feel like standing at the stove, it is wiser to make semi-finished products.


Ten days of rest for many families has become an ordeal. To enjoy your holidays, you need to plan them too.

If you want to go on a travel,keep in mind that the peak tourist season is at the end of December and the New Year. It is wiser to celebrate the New Year at home, and go on a trip after it. There are a lot of short-range and inexpensive routes: the B altic States, Poland, the Czech Republic, etc. In all these countries, discount promotions are held after the New Year. Cheaper rooms in hotels, restaurants. Store sales are underway.

During the holidays there are a lot of children's matinees, performances, performances. Buy tickets in advance at the box office of theaters, and not from intermediaries.

Search for free entertainment. Take a walk in the park outdoors. Invite the children to visit and arrange a home party. Ride down the hill. Read books, watch movies, go to the skating rink. See the sights of the city. Ride through the glittering streets at night. Admire the illumination. There are so many wonders around and you don't need to open your wallet to see them. You just need to open your eyes.


If you think about the rationality of spending money, you should not think only about celebrations during this period. Try to make the most of this time for yourself. At the end of December - beginning of January, there is a rise in some types of business. Goods and services are in high demand. This is a trade in food, household appliances, household goods and clothing. Before the New Year, most families seek to improve and decorate their homes. Therefore, apartments are massively renovated and furniture is bought.

Immediately after the New Year, prices for finishing materials and services of teams offering repair services are reduced by 30 percent. If you are planning a renovation, do it after the New Year.

But there are activities that decline before the holidays. These are construction, medicine and financial services. Try not to spend money on something that is in high demand. At this time, you can get medical examinations cheaper and faster, make profitable investments in real estate during the construction phase and, in the end, use the services of financial advisors.

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