Empathy is hereditary

Empathy is hereditary
Empathy is hereditary

Empathy can be inherited, scientists say.

Empathy is hereditary

Empathy can be inherited, scientists say

Mistake-free ability

Experts also believe that this feature may affect how a person copes with stress. Genes are associated with the body's production of the hormone of feelings and emotions, oxytocin. It is its presence in the blood, according to scientists, that is one of the reasons why relationships develop between some people.

Researchers tested the effect of genes on 200 university students. They were shown photographs of strangers and asked to identify the emotions that these pictures evoke in them. Those with a special gene variation were 25% more accurate at identifying the right emotions.

"In general, women did better than men at this task," said psychology professor Sarina Rodriguez. “But we also found a significant difference in the accuracy of the definitions between people of both sexes depending on the gene variation.”

In addition, all participants in the experiment during the process of "identification" increased heart rate. But in carriers of certain genes, the heart beat more calmly. Scientists believe their discovery could lead to a better understanding of conditions such as autism, in which people are often unable to understand what emotions others are experiencing.

Source:The Daily Telegraph

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