Paid vacation

Paid vacation
Paid vacation

I didn't use my vacation this year, can I ask management to pay me money?

Paid holiday

Answers Natalia Svistunova, lawyer, editor-in-chief of Labor Disputes magazine.

Answer: Indeed, part of the annual paid leave can be replaced by monetary compensation. However, only for those employees who are en titled to extended or additional leave (i.e., in excess of the standard 28 calendar days). These are, for example, medical workers or scientific and pedagogical ones. Moreover, only part of the paid vacation exceeding 28 calendar days can be replaced by monetary compensation.

To receive compensation, you must write an application addressed to the head. But paying compensation is a right, not an obligation of the employer, so he can refuse. In addition, it is prohibited to replace vacation with monetary compensation for pregnant women, employees under 18 years of age and those who work in hazardous industries.

The amount of compensation is calculated as follows: the amount of earnings for the last 12 months must be divided by 12 and by 29, 4. Then multiply the amount received by the number of calendar days payable.

Thus, if you have a standard vacation - 28 calendar days, then unused two weeks cannot be replaced by monetary compensation. If, in addition to the main vacation, you also have the right to an additional one, and the duration of the vacation is, say, 30 calendar days, and you haven’t taken 14 of them, then only two days can compensate you.

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