Transitional age - let's move together

Transitional age - let's move together
Transitional age - let's move together

How to help a teenager in transition?

Transitional age - let's move together!

Adolescence is a time when you decide how self-confident, harmonious and successful your child will enter adulthood. There are several major challenges that teens and their parents face during the transition period. Psychologists will prompt the right decisions

They hurry up time

Tip: Teens struggle to be taken seriously. And you can introduce your child to the adult world. When going with friends to a sports club, cafe or store, invite your daughter with you. Let her feel that she is being treated as an equal. However, from your conversations, the girl should understand that the life of adults implies not only freedom and independence, but also responsibility for loved ones.

They can be short-tempered

Tip: When an adult has a bad mood, we treat it with understanding. But when a teenager is out of sorts, he is called a hot-tempered, ill-mannered provocateur. Is it fair? Your child's body is undergoing a hormonal explosion that is affecting his relationship with the outside world. Respect his privacy and his temper tantrums will gradually subside.

They are still kids

Tip: As much as your daughter strives to be grown up, she still needs your care and your approval. But how to give advice to a child without stumbling upon a teenage “I know it myself!”. Remember that girls of all ages love gifts. Therefore, by handing your daughter a beautiful powder box or mascara that she dreamed about, you will achieve several goals at once: make her a pleasant surprise, remind her of the importance of caring for her appearance and get a reason to talk heart to heart.

They change friends

Tip: Did your son have a fight with his best friend and now he brings home different guys all the time? It's quite normal. Teenagers never make friends "just like that." Perhaps your son's new acquaintances enjoy great prestige at school, or perhaps they are united by some kind of common secret or romantic feelings for a beautiful girl. Be nice and kind to teenagers - and then you will hear them say: "You have a cool mom!".

They experiment with looks

Tip: Of course, fighting a teenager's desire to cut off his hair and dye himself radically black is pointless. But you can convince a girl to go to a beauty salon, and not to engage in amateur activities in the bathroom. When she does what she has planned, remind her that no matter how her image changes, no one canceled care for beauty and he alth. After all, a well-groomed appearance is the key to success in life.

They dream of love

Advice: Do you think it's too early for your child to think about love? But remember yourself at this age! Love at 12 is experienced as sharply as at 30 or 40 years old. Therefore, your task is to talk as delicately as possible with a teenager about the dangers of early love, contraception, etc. Be sure to tell your child that you love him and that he will definitely meet his happiness, no matter how incredible it may seem to him now.

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