Let's do without TV

Let's do without TV
Let's do without TV

Is it possible to build a happy young family… without TV? Englishwoman Caroline Cleaves took a chance.

Let's do without TV!

Is it possible to build a happy young family… without TV? Englishwoman Caroline Cleaves took a chance

She and her husband have already given

Carolyn has two children - five-year-old Sam and two-year-old Ava. You can’t call kids TV-addicts either; they spent no more than one hour a day in front of the screen. True, and that was enough for Sam to tell his mom which laundry detergent was the best in the world, and which pads had wings.

But after removing the TV from the house, Carolyn thought: what to do with the free time? The husband suggested chess. And sex. And Carolyn was scared: what if they no longer have anything in common?

On the first day without a TV there was an overlay. Sam arrived at prep 20 minutes late because his usual TV alarm hadn't gone off. In the evening, the family read books and the children went to bed 45 minutes earlier than usual.

True, this did not prevent them from oversleeping on the second day. During the day they were naughty, running around the room, and Carolyn almost suggested that they calm down and sit down in front of the TV, “like normal children.” But like a smoker who had just quit a bad habit, she resisted with an effort of will and invited the kids to put the puzzle together.

On the third day, the only member of the family was found yearning for the box. This is a two-year-old Ava, who managed to become attached to some kind of “telemame”. A week later, the family began to pay attention to the collection of music discs again, and the children became interested in reading. In her free time, Mom sat down to fill out accounting documents and even managed to get a tax rebate.

In the third week, the longing for watching movies took over. Instead of a TV in the living room, a large computer monitor was installed. They watched movies on it. Neighbors continued to wonder how Carolyn manages to stay off the TV. But it turned out to be easier than I thought. True, it is now unrealistic to invite a nanny to the house to look after the children. Babysitters can't work without a TV.

Nine months have passed. Carolyn's house has become a much quieter and more peaceful place. Children read a lot, play educational games, compose poems, put on performances. Only Carolyn never learned to play chess. But this is her only omission.

Source:The Daily Telegraph

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